Giving an interview is serious business.

It takes great preparation--both mental and physical.

But there’s nothing to fear. You can have it all in control if you organise yourself well one night before.

Here’s an interview checklist of 11 things to do the night before a job interview.

1. Check your interview details

Go through the interview details email very carefully. Take note of the location and timings and accordingly plan your travel. If need be, you can always email the interviewer and check the prerequisites required for the interview.

2. Print your resume

Take multiple printouts of your resume and keep it with yourself. If it’s a panel interview, a few will go at the table itself. Keep extras to hand out at the office reception, to other department heads if need be. Keep some for emergency as this will also ensure you have copies if some of your copies get dirty or torn.

3. Decide your outfit

This is equally important. You can learn what is an appropriate attire by researching about the work culture of the company. You’ll go crazy if you try to do it the morning of the interview. Choosing outfits last minute just adds to the stress. Wear neat and ironed clothes and don’t forget to wear sober, pastel colours.

4. Research

Read up about the company, its competition, its services and mission the night before itself. You should know where you’re going to give an interview. This will also help you ask the interviewer some thoughtful questions. Read up on all the latest news involving the company.

5. Prepare your questions

Make it a point to question the interviewer about the company as well. It’s always fruitful to ask the employer about what they have in store for you. You may ask about the leave policies, insurance, pay scheme, other important policies, and some thoughtful questions. Never miss the opportunity to know something extra about the organization from the interviewer.

6. Plan your meals

It so happens that out of nervousness, a lot of candidates tend to skip their meals for the whole day. This will lead to exhaustion and fatigue and will affect your performance at the interview. Plan your breakfast and lunch because you never know how long the interview might take. Don’t skip any meals and drink lots of water.

7. Keep essentials

Pack all the stuff you need to carry the next day to the interview. From a notepad, pen to the eraser, take ample stationery along. Carry your resume printouts and your ID proofs as well. Keep a water bottle with you at all times to keep sipping. Don’t forget to keep snacks and food too.

8. Get some exercise

Give your body some exercise for at least half an hour on the previous day. This releases endorphins keeping you in a relaxed and happy state. Exercise your anxiety away.

9. Get a good night's sleep

Research also says that people who haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep are more prone to making mistakes than the ones who have slept well. A sound sleep will ensure you’re at your best tomorrow. Catch your share of snooze by getting into your bed a bit earlier than usual.

10. Tick off checklist

Have a checklist for all the above tasks to tick off whenever possible. This ensures you don’t miss out on anything. You can also add any of your personal tasks as well.

11. Think positive

All this won’t matter if you don’t keep a positive attitude. Remember, positivity will help you triumph. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you! Think of all your achievements and confidently go for that interview.

As long as you have this interview checklist and do all of these things, you'll be 100% set for your job interview.