You got an interview call!

It’s that one chance you got to prove yourself.

Those 30 minutes can alter your life.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

An interview doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can very well dream of clearing it with ease.

How to prepare for one such interview, you ask?

Well, here is a list of 22 quick job interview tips you can use, to get confidence and crack that interview!

1. Do your homework. Researching on the company is very important to understand its business, and if it provides the role you’re looking for.

2. Note down questions you want to ask the interviewer, beforehand because you might forget to ask at the last moment.

3. Prepare well for the interview. Have your elevator pitch ready and rehearse answers to standard FAQs so that you don’t waste time thinking when you’re giving the actual interview.

4. You can use the mirror to practice the above answers and perfect your speech delivery. This will improve your confidence. Don’t use filler words.

5. Get a good amount of sleep the previous night. Avoid staying up late, sleep early and look fresh for the big day. You cannot afford to look tired.

6. Keep everything you want to take with you, in one place and pack your bag the previous night itself. Keep reminders if necessary.

7. On the day of the interview, read up any latest news on the company in the ‘News’ section of Google. Do try and read the newspaper for general news to stay updated.

8. You need to dress neatly and sharply. A first impression indeed makes the best impression, and make sure you've dressed appropriately for it.

9. Research on the dress code and accordingly take a call whether to wear completely formal or semi-formal clothes. Don’t forget to iron your clothes!

10. Be punctual. Arriving late will give off a bad impression. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early. That gives you ample amount of time to relax and prepare yourself.

11. Keep a smiling face. No matter how nervous you are, you need to keep a pleasant expression. Furrowed eyebrows and a restless body language are enough to tell people that you’re very worried.

12. Remember to keep at least 4-5 hard copies of your resume to hand out when asked. It’s always better to be safe than sFurrowedorry!

13. Sweaty palms are a common occurrence when you’re very nervous. Just before you walk in, wash your hands and wipe them clean. So that you can give a firm and a ‘dry’ handshake.

14. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode. It’s not good etiquette if your phone rings during the interview.

15. Walk-in confidently and make eye contact while you introduce yourself to the recruiter. Look confident and smile at everyone present in the room.

16. Take notes as the interviewer speaks about the company. You may want to refer to it at the end when it’s your turn to ask questions.

17. Respond calmly to every question that’s been asked to you. Take your time to think, and if you don’t know something, be honest and admit it. Honesty is always rewarded.

18. Don’t bluff or talk negatively about anyone or anything. You’re being judged on your behaviour and attitude and such answers can really cost you your job.

19. Maintain the correct body language--don’t point fingers, sit straight, make eye contact, don’t fidget and don’t give away your real emotions by facial expressions.

20. Always end the conversation on a positive note. Tell them how much you’re anticipating the results and thank them for their time.

21. Remember to drop in a thank-you email as a cordial gesture. This will also remind them that you’re waiting for an answer.

22. If you don’t get the job, don’t be disheartened. Always ask for constructive feedback to your recruiter and work towards it. You will certainly win!