We asked Pradeep Hagalvadi, AGM - Professional Services to share his insights on challenges faced in the field of recruitment.

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Under Professional Services, Trigent offers Full Time Contractors, Contract to Hire & Temporary Staffing Services across all verticals.

He says - "In the present day scenario, the challenges faced in Talent Acquisition are:

  1. Higher Costs, Time and Efforts to Hire: Since companies have to hire in advance and in order to train the unskilled pool, it invests huge amount of time and money on the training infrastructure.
  2. Volatile Talent Demand Prediction: Business finds it difficult to predict well in advance. It also impacts the utilization as well as the bench cost. Need Based Hiring is rampant compared to Plan Based Hiring.
  3. Attrition: Finding and retaining talent is a major challenge across many verticals due to Role Expectations, Salary, Job Taboo, etc.

We would like to thank Pradeep Hagalvadi for throwing a light upon the problems of the recruitment process.

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