The resume is the most convincing piece of document which you’ll write to match the plethora of job opportunities available in the market. How to make a powerful resume? What are the secrets to a good resume? It is one of the most common thoughts a job seeker has, and it’s no doubt justified because there’s no ‘one’ solution that fits all candidates alike. There are certain elements that add the power, the competency factor to resumes. Let’s look at a few of them.

  1. Career Objective
    Let’s call it an SOP — Statement of Purpose. This is very similar wherein job seekers have to brainstorm and decide on a particular objective they want to achieve in their lives. But, people often fail to make it realistic. For instance, you may be applying to a job opening in Microsoft right now but your career objective says something like owning a restaurant 10 years later, it’s not going to work in your favor. The actual truth is that hardly any recruiter pays attention to it. But you need to make it sound smart anyway.
    The chances, right? The trick is to talk in the present tense and tailor your objective around the job profile you’re applying for.
  2. Social Network Links
    Now, now. You may think we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. But you need to focus more on your professional impression in this case. A perfect LinkedIn profile with adequate light on your professional achievements and a few recommendations, or a Behance profile, if you’re a creative whizz and have a lot of work to showcase or even something like Reddit or Code Review for programmers and developers alike. Well, your Instagram profile link also could be a great option to be mentioned in your resume if you have a massive influencer metric to show.
  3. Published Work
    Now, this adds a lot of credibility in general. When you’re adding your routine work experience, adding the papers you did in college would mean a great deal here. All those assignments are going to help you add on to the knowledge base you want to showcase on your resume. Mainly, your end of the year research papers or thesis which you have completed will add a lot of credibility to your candidature against other candidates who haven’t added all this.
  4. MOOCs
    Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC as it is commonly known, is a way you can opt and study for courses online. This gives an edge to students by giving them an additional chance to upgrade their skills by doing specialized certificate/diploma courses along with their college education. This will showcase your dedication towards learning about a particular field and give you importance over other job-seekers who don’t have these certifications.

These are just a few additions. There are a lot more like adding specific high-end skills, choosing the right resume structure, etc. You can also opt for our Resume Review session, where you can update your resume under the guidance of top industry experts.

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