We saw why keywords are important and the various types of keywords. Now, now that solves just half your problem. Do you know which ones to use, where? What’s the foolproof way of using them in your resume so that it doesn’t look like you have run the thesaurus all over, or just scattered them just about everywhere the recruiter puts his eyes on? Let’s look at some tips for using these powerful words in a resume.

Be Clear and Specific
Don’t use broad terms like marketing, finance or HR, instead be as specific as you can be — for instance, Sales, Risk analysis or Recruitment and Training. The more specific you be, the closer you’ll get to the keywords the employers are using to search and sift the resumes. It just shows what you have to offer and how you are the best match for the job profile.

Scatter Your Keywords
Use your keywords judiciously but also spread it out throughout your resume, not just restricting it to highlight your skills and achievements. Put them everywhere so that the ATS scans it over. But over-use of these words might put your recruiter off, too. You need to find that balance and use the right amount of power words by not going overboard with it. You can use it in the purpose statement at the top, previous job details, and in any other sections, you deem fit.

Refer To Job Description
The job description is your manual if you want to know which keywords you want to use. If the relevant job profile description says they are looking for a person who can lead and manage a team of other content writers, then mention the same in your resume (either in a way that you’ve done that before or you’re capable of doing it). Pick out words from the description to shape your resume and make it perfect to the job you’re applying for.

Be Precise With Grammar
Even a small spell error like saes instead of sales will result in the tracking systems completely ignoring the word. The grammar and the spelling needs to be impeccable. Do remember to check the spellings before you hit on save and submit. You can get practical and actionable insights on your resume and make it marketable with our resume review session, which will definitely boost your possibilities of landing that dream job you’re eyeing!

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