A resume that’s tailored for digital marketing needs to deeply showcase a person’s skills and his achievements. How to make it stand out is the question, because a majority of others might have the same skills too.

A digital marketing resume typically looks like a report with a lot of numbers in it. But you need to make it look very catchy and effective. There are some certain elements that need to be included in your digital marketing resume.

Let’s see how and why.

Performance numbers

These will surely make a mark on the recruiter. Whatever you’re writing needs to have an impact and needs to be quantified. X team members, growth of X%, increased conversion of x2%, X% open rate, etc.

This will ensure concreteness and the recruiter will know exactly what you’re talking about. Whatever you write needs to be framed properly. Your expertise will come only come through if you demonstrate your experience in numbers.

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Now everyone cannot be proficient in various digital marketing skills like SEO, Email marketing, Marketing Automation, Facebook Marketing, Lead generation and content marketing. Therefore you need to identify your area of strength and lay more emphasis over it in your resume.

It’s very important that you refer to the job description that you’re going to apply to, and tailor your resume as per your niche skills. If the job opening is for a Social Media Manager, you can specifically talk more about your Social Media experience than analytics, for example.


The recruiter needs to understand all your achievements. What we normally do, is write them all down in no particular order. The hiring manager, in that case, goes and has to read each and every achievement as mentioned in bullets. There is a smarter way to write it all down and make his job easier--to bucket.

Bucketing is mostly segregating points and accumulating similar points under a common sub-heading.

Say, you’ve done a bit in all the domains of digital marketing and possess skills across the industry, you could write it using a sub-heading each for SEO, Content, Email marketing, etc.


All the resumes are tracked by ATS (Applicant tracking Systems), hence all resumes function on appropriate keywords. Therefore, if you have certifications to brag about, do definitely add them as they increase the worth of your candidature.

One way to do it would be to mention all the topics studied, in your resume. They themselves act us keywords and increase the chance to be found by the ATS. Certifications are an important element that shouldn’t be missed to be added.


A resume is nothing without skills. The skills should be highlighted and written clearly. Normally you would just list them in any order with the important ones first. For this resume, you need to separate out sections for technical skills and soft skills.

Keep your hard skills to the maximum and refrain from taking too much space for writing soft skills like ‘hardworking’ or ‘motivated worker’ etc. Instead, write more skills like Social Media tools, Collaboration management, Content Marketing etc.

With all these elements, you can design a perfectly successful digital marketing resume. Remember to not use acronyms and expand all abbreviations (like SEO, SMM, PPC etc.).

Save your resume with FirstName_Lastname format, and send it across!