Digital Marketing in 2021 is a booming industry, giving opportunities to everyone. Today we will be discussing why you need to learn Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing matters if you are already in the market or planning to step into the Digital world of Marketing. Digital marketing is for all and does not matter if you are a student or working professionally in some other field.

Why is Digital Marketing important in 2021?

We are already aware of Digital Marketing if not, then  Digital Marketing is promoting or advertising products and services via an Online channel.

Digital Marketing existed, but now it is essential for every business. Why?

93% of all online interactions start with a search engine.

Google gets more than 77,000 searches every second.

There are 3.2 billion social media users every day.

In 2020, retention (58%) has overtaken conversion (55%) and acquisition (45%) as the key goal for website personalization.

54% of marketers said that Covid-19 has led to more website sales/bookings.

51% of consumers make use of mobile devices to identify new brands and items on the market.

An average of 142 minutes is spent on social media every day.

By 2023, the number of active Indian internet users will grow to almost 666 million. Thus, this indicates that a larger share of people are shifting online and hence it makes complete sense to start learning Digital marketing.

Why should you learn Digital Marketing, no matter if you are a working professional, business owner, or a student?

1. Digital Marketing is trending worldwide

2. Expansion :

3. Better career opportunities :

4. Demand for Digital Marketers

5. Print Enhancement

As there is a huge shift in using the internet on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobility in daily life for personal, business, or professional work, digital marketing is growing continuously and one of the major reasons is covid19 which forced businesses to shift from traditional to Digital.

From 2 years kids to 80 years old, people are having internet access from gaming to video and online searches. And due to the high consumption of Digital Content for Search Engines, Social media, and information by people, it is beneficial for businesses to advertise their products or services online. That is why you really need to learn Digital Marketing in 2021.

2. Expansion :

Many consumers are surfing online with buying intent or gathering information. Digital Marketing helps you to reach new people globally, thus expand the reach of any company.

3. Better career opportunities :

Online marketing platforms like applications, social media, website methods are beneficial for all kinds of business. But in reality, not all the businesses promoting online are getting good results because Digital Marketing is a little technical. It requires Digital marketing skills with an Analytical mind. As the company is not able to hire proper Digital Marketers because of skills, they do it by themselves. Digital Marketers and Agencies having expertise are having high prices for Digital Marketing Services.

But the demand in marketing has increased which resulted in career-building opportunities for students, working professionals, unemployed. That is why learning Digital Marketing skills in 2021 is important.

4. Demand for Digital Marketers :

As per the information provided by LinkedIn, the "Digital Marketing Specialist' role is trending and is considered as the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with job openings of 860,000. Digital Marketing, social media, Search Engine Optimization, analytics, etc. are the most requested experience.

As there are many facets to Digital Marketing, the number of jobs related to Digital Marketing is quite high. In reality, the industry is facing crises for Digital Marketers with proper knowledge in Digital Marketing. As per the LinkedIn survey, there is a shortage of about 2,30,000 Digital Marketing professionals in metro areas in the United States.

With so many job opportunities and a shortage of Digital Marketing Professionals, now is the perfect time to learn Digital Marketing in 2021.

5. Print Enhancement :

Digital Marketing helps you to expand your print marketing / Traditional Marketing efforts. With the help of Online Content that explains claims you make in your print Ads, you can maximize the effectiveness of all forms of campaigns by going into greater details.

Why companies are looking for Digital Marketers and Digital Marketing?

The benefits of digital marketings are :

a. It helps the company to lower costs by maximizing the results/output.

b. Easily accessible for consumers who are dependent on their mobiles for online shopping.

c. It provides the ability to speak with authority on topics related to their service or product with high reach.

d. Opportunities for Creative marketing with the help of multiple types of media.

e. Ability to get analytics from which they can track consumers' purchase history and retarget.

So these were the top five reasons why you need to learn Digital Marketing in 2021. If you are still having any questions then you can contact us and we will explain you in detail.