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50 Exciting Ideas & Topics for Python Projects for Beginners [2022]

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Want to apply your programming concepts to solve a real-world problem but don’t know where to start? Are you stuck inside a tutorial hell of doing code-along without writing actual code? Here are the top 50 fun and easy python projects for beginners to start your software development journey.

Why are Basic Python Projects necessary for Beginners?

Mastering a skill needs practice and programming as a skill needs to be applied in real-time projects. And what’s the better way to master Python than building real-time projects based on python.

Python projects for beginners are necessary to build your confidence. Building basic python projects also improve your googling skills as you’ll learn about emerging technologies on the go. Moreover, you’ll master the fundamentals of Python by doing real-world projects. If you want to learn Python by studying books, check out our guide to the best books to learn Python. Without further ado, let’s get started with the python projects list for beginners to start their programming journey.

Top 50 Python Projects for Beginners

1. Hello World

Here comes again the classic programming exercise that every beginner must do. This exercise marks your start with Python as a programming language. You just have to display a small message “Hello World”. You can use the print function in Python to print “Hello World”.

2. Number Guessing Game

You’ll need two python libraries of random and math. You have to input a range of numbers, following which the computer generates a number that is undisclosed to the user. You have to guess this number in a fixed number of turns to win the game. Want to know more about what libraries are, check out our blog on the most important Python libraries.

3. Countdown Timer

Another fun project to build as a Python learner is the Countdown Timer. You have to use the python library time. Make a start button, some text boxes for hours, minutes, and second and use a screen widget to update time with each passing second. The timer should stop when the time reaches zero.

4. Odd or Even

A basic python project for beginners in which you’ll need to take an integer input from a user. You then have to display whether that number is even or odd.

5. Calculator

We all use calculators daily. Ever thought of building a calculator using Python? A good python project for beginners will enhance your knowledge about the GUI Python library. You have to create text boxes to represent inputs and results and buttons representing operands and digits.

6. Rock Paper Scissor Game

The most played game of childhood, the rock paper scissor game is an interesting python project to test your knowledge of loops and conditionals. Try not to use Pygame and use your own logic to build this user vs computer game.

7. Generic Convertor

A very handy project that will help you strengthen your Python fundamentals. This basic python project can be used to convert values like measurement, currencies, or temperature. It should have two textboxes, one to enter a value and the other to select the desired unit of your result.

8. Basic Photo Editor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a photo editor of your own built by you using Python? An awesome python project idea for beginners, building a photo editor teaches you the concept of histogram equalization. You can make an editor that makes images clearer by increasing their contrast.

9. Dice Roller

A dice roller can come in handy when you’re playing a truth or dare game, to randomly select people. You can number people and this basic python project displays any number from 1 to 6 and based upon that the player can answer questions. How cool, isn’t it?

10. Binary Search Algorithm

One of the most fundamental programs every Python beginner must attempt to have a strong foundation of Array data structure in Python. This program searches for a target number in an array of numbers. It does that by dividing the array into two parts using indices of start, middle, and end.

11. 2048 Game in Python

You must’ve played the 2048 game on your smartphone. What it does is fill two random cells of a 4x4 matrix with 2. Then you have to move left, right, up, or down and corresponding to your move, numbers get squared. Play until you get 2048 in one of the cells to win.

12. YouTube Video Downloader

It must’ve happened that you liked a video on YouTube but couldn’t download it because of the hassles involved. Not anymore. Use your knowledge of Python to build a simple UI that downloads YouTube videos using a library called Pytube.

13. FLAMES game using Python

We all must’ve played this game in our school life. Well, it doesn’t guarantee that you will find the love of your life, but it is certainly fun to play. Take two names, remove common letters, and count the remaining letters. Now start removing letters from FLAMES at the count we got. The last remaining letter from the acronym of Friends, Loves, Affectionate, Marriage, Enemies, Sibling is the relationship between both persons.

14. Strong Password Generator

People find it difficult to create an unpredictable strong password for their security which is dangerous. To solve this problem, you could make a program in Python that takes different characters from arrays of letters and numbers and prints a password of 8 characters which cannot be memorized easily.

15. Twitter Bot Using Python

A great python project for beginners, a Twitter bot replicates the actions of a human on the social networking site Twitter. You can use Python to make a Twitter bot that likes and retweets a particular hashtag. Going a step further, you can add the functionality of following people with a particular hashtag and giving replies to followers.

16. Word Count

This basic python project will help you brush the concepts of String in Python. The program takes a sentence as an input and uses regex. (findall ()) to count the number of words present in that sentence. This can come in handy when counting words in a sentence containing special characters.

17. Write a Sorting Algorithm

Sorting is one of the main concepts of any programming language. Although a basic python project, it strengthens your Array fundamentals in Python. You have to write a program that sorts a given list of numbers in either ascending or descending order. You can use recursion to apply algorithms like Merge Sort and Quick Sort.

18. Wikipedia Article Display

A simple and easy project based on python, the program displays a random Wikipedia article and asks the user if they want to read it or not. If yes, it displays the article, and if no, it displays another random article from the Web.

19. Horoscope

A great python project idea for beginners, a horoscope built using Python displays the horoscope of a particular sign. The user has to enter their star sign which is detected to be a correct input and then the program displays a horoscope.

20. Telegram Bot using Python

How does it sound to make a Telegram bot using Python that greets you every morning with a flower image? Cool, right. You will need a Telegram account and python-telegram-bot module to create this interesting python project.

21. Typing Speed Test

Knowing the typing speed comes in handy when you want to improve your typing skills. Why not make a program for that. This basic python project with the help of Tkinter and Timeit libraries of Python will calculate typing speed. It will be done through a random display of words and the time taken to type those words will be the typing speed.

22. Update Spotify Playlist with YouTube Music

It happens a lot of times when you like a song on YouTube music and then you move to Spotify to manually search that song and add it to your playlist. Well, you can automate this tedious task using Python. This python project for beginners will teach them about APIs and give them a taste of automation.

23. Desktop Notification App

Imagine how cool would it be that you get reminded of your daily tasks through a Desktop Notifier on your computer. Build this amazing project based on python, which uses libraries like notify2 and requests to notify you of your upcoming tasks.

24. Employee Management System using Python

How does it sound to create an industry-grade employee management system using Python? Well, technically it will be a simple EMS but it will enrich your knowledge about My SQL Databases. The goal here is to introduce the functionality of adding and removing employees in the database, and also, promoting and displaying employees.

25. Hangman Game

Do you like word guessing games? What if I tell you, you can make a word guessing game using Python but there is a little twist. You would have to guess the correct letters, which appear at their correct position in a fixed number of guesses to win.

26. Receipt Calculator

A receipt is a slip showing the products bought with the total amount to be paid. This interesting python project makes use of the prettytable library in Python. You have to take the name of the product and its price as input and display a table with the Total Amount at the end.

27. Text Summary App

How about you get the summary of your favorite book with a Python program. Text Summary App is a python project for beginners that return the summary of an article or book.

28. Animal Quiz Game

Do you like playing a quiz about your favorite animals? Why not make a quiz game yourself using Python that asks questions related to Animals? You can also level up things by creating quiz games for different topics as well.

29. Pong Game

Simulation of table tennis, Pong game is one of the best python projects for beginners. It uses the turtle module in Python to create two padding on right and left sides of the screen. A ball is then placed in the middle that moves right to left and vice versa and players to toss it by moving vertically up or down.

30. Code Generator

Do you like acting as a spy? Well, what if you’re a coder? Even though you can’t act you can build a Python program that generates an encoded message. This basic python project takes a text as an input and replaces every letter with different letters and prints the encoded message. You can level up the game by creating a program that decodes the message.

31. Online Chess

Are you a chess lover? So, making an online chess game will be quite an interesting python project for you. You’ll need to use pygame libraries and chess modules in Python to generate moves of the king, queen, knight, and bishop.

32. Extracting Text from PDF using Python

Can you imagine making a PDF-to-text converter that would extract text from a PDF? How cool it would be, right. Well, you could make use of the PyPDF2 python package and make a basic python project that extracts text from a PDF.

33. Graphical User Interface

The knowledge of GUIs is very crucial for every programmer to build scalable products in the future. And what’s the better way to brush up on the concepts of GUIs than making GUI projects. You can use the Tkinter module in Python to make the GUI for a fidget spinner game.

34. Stock Market Prediction App

One of the most interesting python projects, a Stock Market Prediction App tests your mettle in Python. You have to get the stock market data from a source and apply some machine learning tricks to come up with market predictions. It might seem a little overwhelming but we’ve got you covered with our machine learning course on YouTube. You can also check out our blog on ML.

35. Sudoku Solver

You must have solved sudoku as a teenager. Imagine building a solver using Python that can solve any 9x9 celled sudoku. You will learn the concept of the Backtracking algorithm to make this interesting python project.

36. Live Weather Updates using Python

Well, you could treat it as an upgraded version of the Desktop Notification project but with a new feature of live weather updates. It makes use of Beautiful Soap and requests libraries of Python to show you live weather updates.

37. Simple Attendance Tracker

An ineffective attendance tracking process is used in most colleges where students struggle to remember when they took leave. Why not solve this problem by making a simple attendance tracker? It will input an excel sheet of attendance and will remind the students when they cross the limit of their leaves.

38. Steganography

Don’t get overwhelmed by this term. Steganography may be defined as a way of concealing any secret message in any form of digital media be it image or video. This would surely be a great project based on python.

39. Loan Calculator

A great python project for beginners, the loan calculator can be made using PyQt5 which would have a simple UI. This will come in handy in calculating simple interest, compound interest, and even EMIs.

40. Tic Tac Toe

Yeah that cliché project that everyone makes as a beginner, but don’t underestimate the concepts and programming logic it teaches you. You’ll need to use the pygame library of python to make it. Let’s refresh the school memories once again by playing this lovely game.

41. Spin a Yarn

Want to make your own story but with a python program? Well, you could do that by making the basic python project of spin a yarn game. In this game, you have to input a series of words like nouns, adjectives, and verbs. This in turn will be used by the computer to weave a fictional story. Sounds cool, right?

42. Login System

The username password paradigm is a norm nowadays in every security system. Wouldn’t it be awesome to build one yourself using python? This interesting python project should authenticate users through a database and have the functionality to register a new user.

43. Anagram Game

In this game, you have to guess the correct word from its jumbled form (anagram). This basic python project will display an anagram and you’ll have to guess the correct word.

44. Acronym

An acronym is a short form for any phrase that includes only the first letters of the words in that phrase. You can make a basic python project that prints the acronym for any phrase using the first character of every word.

45. To-Do List CLI application

A to-do list can come in very handy when you want to do things according to their order of priority. Why not build one for yourself so you could stay organized? This python project for beginners will teach you the concepts of Command Line Interface.

46. Content Aggregator

There is a ton of information available on the internet but a fraction of them is only relevant. This project based on python goes through popular websites and compiles all the relevant information and displays that.

47. Web Scraping Bot using Python

Web Scraping can be defined as a way to collect data from websites for personal and professional use. We can build a bot that scrapes through popular sites for some piece of information, thus automating our task. This python project uses Selenium partnered with bs4 and requests modules. You can learn more about it here.

48. Memory Puzzle Game

Want to strengthen your memory? Make a memory puzzle game that displays the set of icons at the beginning of the game. Then all icons are hidden behind white boxes. If the user clicks two boxes and discovers the same icons, they remain visible. All icons have to be discovered to win. This python project uses for loops to iterate over different rows and columns of the board.

49. Live Train Status using Python

When traveling with your family, it’s important to arrive at the station early. And knowing the live train status ensures you don’t miss the train. You can write a python script that returns the live train status using the train name and train code as input.

50. Notepad

You must’ve used Notepad a lot of times. But can you make it using Python? This python project for beginners should provide the basic functionalities of opening and saving the file, or editing it. You can use the Tkinter module to make the GUI for Notepad.


Just binge-watching lectures and tutorials and not writing actual code will not teach you anything. Especially, in the field of programming, you need to be adept with the trending tech stack and for that, you’ll need to work on real-time projects. You can select any one of the top 50 real word python projects for beginners and start your programming journey in Python.

However, if you want to build a project but your python fundamentals are not clear, check out our course on Board Infinity's python programming certification course to build a strong foundation in core programming concepts. You will learn about data structures, and networking and will work with databases and more.

Written by  - Anuragh Barua, Board Infinity Author

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