Imagine the number of déjà vu’s the recruiter must be having every day, thanks to a ton of resumes reading the same over and over again. Which is why when certain types of power words are used, that candidate is certain to get more than the usual 6 seconds of attention. You need to select those words which add oomph and pique the recruiter’s excitement and lead to some action.

Let’s understand some situations and the right power words to use in such cases.

You Managed Something

You need to show how inspirational you were or how much of a great deal it meant for you to manage a team, a project, a contract, or a business proposition.

  1. Administered
  2. Aligned
  3. Headed
  4. Directed
  5. Organized
  6. Supervised
  7. Conducted
  8. Motivated
  9. Oversaw
  10. Handled

You Have a Thing For Research

You’re a curious cat and your strength is literally being curious and researching about it. Now adding ‘curious’ or ‘curiosity’ would sound narcissistic. Instead, you can opt for the below words.

11. Explored

12. Probed

13. Evaluated

14. Discovered

15. Examined

16. Tested

17. Experimented

18. Analysed

19. Scrutinized

20. Investigated

You Wrote or Communicated Something

If writing and communicating was an essential part of your job, you can use the below words to show how proficient you were at your work!

21. Corresponded

22. Campaigned

23. Recorded

24. Noted

25. Listed

26. Liaised

27. Communed

28. Defined

29. Publicized

30. Interfaced

You Have Achievements to Show

31. Attained

32. Accomplished

33. Acquired

34. Obtained

35. Secured

36. Seized

37. Performed

38. Fulfilled

39. Established

40. Procured

You Created Something

Did you build something from scratch, or create a new method of working which was efficient, or came up with a creative idea? Here are some words you can use instead of ‘created’ or ‘built’.

41. Produced

42. Fabricated

43. Constructed

44. Originated

45. Invented

46. Developed

47. Formed

48. Devised

49. Designed

50. Founded

So, this time around get more creative and switch your regularly used words with the ones above and show off, a little! If you do want more, you can always check the dictionary — it’s your best bet.

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