Bootstrap refers to the culmination of a series of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery frameworks and libraries which provide developers a unique experience of designing and developing interactive web pages. Now, there are multiple tools and playgrounds which Bootstrap offers to the developer community to explore various features, understand the perfect blend between the relevant CSS and JS inclusions. While there are multiple options and tools available to the users; the section below would describe the top 6 Bootstrap tools & playgrounds basis reviews from developers and its usability in varied web development scenarios

Bootstrap – Top 6 Tools & Playground

Pingendo – worthy collection of wireframes & templates

Pingendo is builder for Bootstrap 4 which comes in both desktop as well as online version (compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux etc.)
The key differentiator of Pingendo with other tools & playgrounds is the availability of a rich set of templates and wireframes which can be directly implemented to web applications. The different set of templates include intro templates, conference templates – all of which are available in multiple themes and orientation.
The same holds true for wireframes as well which includes albums, landing pages, payment/check-out pages, and so on.

Brix – Cloud based platform for rapid prototyping

Brix is one of the most dynamic and agile tools of Bootstrap which is used for designing responsive websites; specifically following a ‘rapid prototyping’ structure. The entire application is based on cloud; and the platform hosts multiple templates and wireframes which could be used as possible starting points of web design

Jetstrap – Design on the fly

The key points of differences which separates Jetstrap from other tools and playgrounds of Bootstrap is the close alignment between the mock-up tool; and the tool used to actually design web pages & interfaces. This in turn enables users build the actual we interface on the go; while the developer may be starting with the mock-ups.
In addition, this Bootstrap interface tool is completely web-based; and has options of drag & drop wherein the developer needs to simply drag and drop items; rather than manually coding them.
Therefore, Jetstrap is an automatic choice for developers for designing complicated components.

Bootply – Bootstrap’s de-facto playground

Bootply is the one of the most used playgrounds which developers prefer to use for designing & building websites. The key feature which Bootply brings to the table is it allows developers with the flexibility to seamlessly switch between the ‘drag and drop’ mode and ‘code editor’ mode. Hence, nuanced variations or customizations can be implemented via code modifications in case there are no pre-defined controls for the same.
In addition, Bootply also houses a rich collection of templates starting from basic starter templates to more advanced and intricate designs.

JSFiddle – Integrated with Bootstrap

JSFiddle is a standalone JavaScript playground which can be integrated with Bootstrap; along with other dependencies which can be externally referenced.
JSFiddle is mostly used by advanced developers who wish to take charge of all components; and its visualization and the way it is rendered in the browser.
This tool presents an empty slate to developers which can be used to create customized components, assign themes and so on. There are no pre-defined items applied to the design.

CodePen – Fully-fledged Bootstrap supported playground

CodePen is one of the most exhaustive playgrounds available in current times; which is completely compatible with Bootstrap. The key feature of CodePen is that it is not only a conventional playground but also a knowledge repository wherein experiments and mock-ups by other developers are shared. This enables developers and designers to re-use components; and also get a view of the leverage of this platform.


The degree of flexibility & convenience provided by the plentiful Bootstrap tools & playgrounds has made front end web development an absolute fun & exploration. It’s always recommended for developers to try out these tools & playgrounds before zeroing on one which suits their needs and preferences.