A job in the IT sector is the most sought after.

All the IT roles require a little extra preparation as you’re expected to know a lot more about the job role you’re applying for. Interviewers judge a lot of aspects like technical knowledge, approach to problematic situations, skill level, decision-making skills etc.

Let’s look at a list of 6 IT interview questions and answers that are most commonly asked.

How good are you with (X) programming language?

This question is to analyse how comfortable you are with the particular programming language that you claim to know of. Of course, if you’re an expert that would be great but if you're not, then refrain from trying to portray yourself as one.

You may be great at JavaScript but know nothing of PHP. You need to show a willingness to learn the language you don’t know. The interviewer will be pleased if you show the drive to excel.

Please solve this test

Uh oh!

A programming test!

Well, previously this wasn’t so important but it is becoming a common trend nowadays. A lot of candidates claim to know coding and programming while they hardly remember the basics. This leads to false hiring.

By giving a problem to solve, not only do the recruiters check your basic knowledge but they also see how you approach the problem. Make sure you keep practising programming so that you don’t lose touch.

The brainteaser question

Quite often logical questions form a significant part of an interview.

While this is not to test your intelligence, this is just to test how coolly you approach a problem keeping logic in mind.

An example could be: A snail is at the bottom of a 30-foot well. Every hour the snail is able to climb up 3 feet, then immediately slide back down 2 feet. How many hours does it take for the snail to get out of the well?

You need to talk your way through it and you can surely think out aloud. This way even if you aren’t able to solve the problem, the recruiter will be able to gauge your thought approach.

Can you work in a team?

You need to blow your own trumpet here. Your claim of being a team player will be put to test here as you will be asked questions about a situation involving teams. You need to positively answer it and sound enthusiastic about working in a team. Even if you prefer working solo, that rarely happens in an organisation. You have to be involved in a team and get work done often.

What is your idea of fun?

Although this may catch you off-guard, this is being asked for a reason. You’ve been tested for your technical and professional skills. This question is therefore asked to judge your personality.

A positive, cheerful personality is essential to keep work going. This will contribute to an open, un-ambiguous work environment. Be honest and talk about your hobbies. You don’t need to sound intelligent. You can let your heart out.

Why do you want to leave your old job?

Don’t treat this as an awkward question. It’s not. The interviewer just wants to know the reason and the commitment you had towards tour previous jobs and organisation. Honesty is the best policy.

Instead of saying anything negative or emotional, talk positively about your experience in the previous organisation and be hopeful of all the new things you will learn. This will make a positive impression on the recruiter.

Study basic algorithms and structures, keep your technical knowledge up to date and be confident.

Apart from that, best sure to practice these 6 IT interview questions and answers.

All the best!