Data science is indeed the sexiest job of the 21st century and you want to be a part of this revolution, don’t you?

Well, getting a job in data science isn’t tough but it is always better to get some experience before you jump in. Data Science internships are your best bet!

You need to understand whether this field is meant for you or not; and the first step starts with training. A good internship on data science in a startup could give you the leverage of learning and mastering the skill.

Let’s discuss some tips to prepare for and find data science internships!

Academic skills

You need to have your academic skills on point if you are scouting for an internship and your theoretical knowledge needs to be very sound.

Even after you have finished your college education, you still need to prepare important concepts, programming languages, and other situational case studies. Only when you have strong academic skills, will you be able to deal with practical scenarios.

Networking skills

It is not about what you know, it is about who you know, says an age-old adage. Networking needs to be on your mind and you need to take conscious effort to build a network.

It might first seem daunting, but once you start attending data science workshops and webinars, you will get a chance to interact with similar professionals. Take the plunge, and get in touch with people on LinkedIn and meet up to talk about work regularly.

Pitch live projects

Pick up a small project for learning purposes, and hone your skills on that. It doesn’t have to be very difficult, just challenging. It will be an excellent addition to your portfolio and it will add on to your credentials.

Soft skills

Build soft skills like communication skills, time management, adaptability, creativity, interpersonal skills, etc.

It would be very helpful for you to get an internship because lots of companies give importance to soft skills these days. Read up self-help articles on how to build these skills and work on them.

Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is your go-to social network when it comes to professional networking. It gives you the chance to connect with various recruiters, top executives from MNCs, employees across different domains and sectors.

You can always get in touch with any of them for mentoring or advice and can ask them for timely tips. Once you establish a rapport with them, you could then go on to ask for a job or referral.

Resume and cover letter

This goes without saying that your resume and cover letter are the first piece of you that go to the recruiter. It is your chance of making an impression on the recruiter and make it count.

Follow the standard resume tips--keep it concise, within 2 pages, don’t over format, and ensure that you have proofread it carefully. Similarly, the cover letter expresses your intent and is the employer’s first glimpse into your skills so ensure that you express your career goals in your cover letter.

Online courses

Although this is part of your academics, make sure that you are keenly  Keep your knowledge of mathematics, statistics and programming really strong, as these form the pillars of data science. You can choose data science online courses, online such as the one offered by Board Infinity. This equips you with all the necessary knowledge and makes you a recruiter’s favourite in no time.

These internship tips will equip you with all the prerequisites to finding a successful data science internship!

All the best!

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