Have you been called for an interview and are nervous about it? Well, the good news is that it’s not a herculean task and just requires you to put a few conscious efforts to nail it.

Did you know that 95% of communication is non-verbal?

That involves your facial expressions, gestures, dress code, and your overall body language. To make a perfect first impression, you need to practice the correct body language and learn to dress well.

Here’s a quick guide, for you to crack that interview!

We'll be discussing:

  • Body language tips for interview
  • Interview dress code for females & males
  • Interviews skills & techniques
  • And a lot more

Body Language Tips

  1. Walk in with confidence. Look prepared and organized. You should not look like you’re in haste and search for your CV in front of the interviewer. Make sure you have the situation in control.
  2. Keep smiling as you walk in and say hello to the interviewer. A pleasant expression always goes a long way in maintaining your impression.
  3. Make eye contact as you shake your hands with the interviewer. Make sure you have done a little bit of research on who’s going to interview you. That will always help when you have to strike a conversation.
  4. Shake hands confidently and firmly. Too weak a handshake might portray you as underconfident and too firm will imply arrogance or nervousness. Keep the pressure steady and balanced.
  5. Don’t enter and immediately sit. You need to portray good manners. You can’t sit unless you have been asked to. Keep your shoulders pulled back and neck straight.
  6. Sit straight. Your posture is a huge giveaway. You cannot slouch as it does not give off a good impression. Either keep your back fixed to the back of your chair or lean ahead. Leaning ahead means that you’re interested in the conversation and listening carefully.
  7. Don’t shake your feet or leg constantly --this particularly happens when you’re nervous or anxious about something. To avoid this, keep your feet planted firmly to the ground.
  8. No matter how the interview went, stand up, give a firm handshake, smile, make eye contact, and exchange pleasantries.

Dress Code Tips

  1. Research the company’s dress code beforehand. If it’s an advertising agency, they may not have strict dress codes at all. Whereas, maybe an IT company may have a formal dress code.
  2. Wear something that is comfortable and airy. Wearing tight clothes will not only make you feel uncomfortable but might lead to unnecessary stress. The same goes for wearing heels.
  3. The dress you choose to wear for the interview should add to your confidence. It should help you feel bold, confident, and ready.
  4. Make sure your clothes are washed and cleaned perfectly. Grooming of clothes is necessary. If you wear wrinkled clothes, it will do just the opposite of forming a positive impression.
  5. Don’t apply too much makeup. Being too loud with your make-up may distract the interviewer instead of pleasing them.
  6. Avoid wearing jeans to the interview. Wearing jeans comes off as too casual and not particularly interviewee-like. Keep clothes ready beforehand; make sure you don’t have to resort to last-minute measures.
  7. Keep your hair neat and tidy, combed and parted. Avoid doing hairstyles that are time-consuming. Wear a good cologne or perfume. Don’t put heavy scents. Keep it mild and to a minimum.

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Follow this guide and see the magic your personality performs in front of the interviewer!