By - Soumya Khanduri, Board Infinity Alumni

Early Career Background

Even though I hold an MBA, one of the Big 4's Human Resources representatives told me, " In this industry, folks with non-technical backgrounds are unlikely to succeed." I felt hurt. There were several instances where I was disqualified from entering the data analytics industry.  Nevertheless, I was determined to do what I had to do! There was no giving up for me! This is the 21st century. Do we still prioritize degrees over skills?

Hello! My name is Soumya Khanduri. I was born and raised in Madhya Pradesh. My career began with a Physiotherapy course at Amity University after I finished school as a naive kid who could not weigh the consequences of career decisions. Approximately 6.5 years were required to complete this course. It became apparent to me after 1-2 years on the course that it is not for me.  Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA.

Upon completing my MBA with a specialty in Healthcare Management from TAPMI (Manipal) I was placed at ICICI Bank in a Sales role. Later, I joined a healthcare startup in Hyderabad. Sadly, I had to let go of my job due to unfavourable market conditions during the pandemic.

With an education loan on me from my B-school, 'taking a break' wasn't an option. I certainly did not want to burden my parents financially. The situation seemed very uncertain back then with no money, no job, and nowhere to go! I used to call up call centers to seek a job in a BPO, but no luck even there!

I was applying for jobs in analytics but got no response from there as well. As I told earlier, I was turned down with the prejudice that people from non-technical backgrounds do not tend to do well in this field!

Learning Experience at BI

I came across Board Infinity's offerings on Instagram and put the money I had saved into my course in Data Science. Rather than taking a course available for free on the web, I chose Board Infinity because I needed certification to prove my skills when applying for my dream organizations.

I had a great learning experience at Board Infinity! The faculty assigned to teach at the ground level helped me solidify my concepts. It was great to have 1-on-1 sessions with our coaches! I highly recommend Syeda ma'am as a coach! Unmatched clarity is the hallmark of her teaching.

Placement Journey

My placement was greatly facilitated by her. As someone with 8 years' experience in the data analytics field, she guided me with the types of questions asked during an interview for Data Science jobs. Her training in relation to my interviews was very useful to me.

Furthermore, I am grateful for the help I received from Varmeet, who was more motivated than I was in assisting my job placement process. I couldn't have made it big without their help!

Thanks to Board Infinity's placement drive, I am happily employed at Ugam Solutions now as an Analyst and I am finally doing what I wanted to do!

I am interested in working in healthcare data analytics in the future. The CoronaVirus pandemic is a wake-up call for the world! To ensure health security, we must build a robust healthcare system, and I am eager to contribute my talents and skills to that effort.

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