The first impression is the best impression. Haven’t we heard that saying one too many times? The resume is that golden document which gives you the opportunity to form the best first impression on your recruiter. That makes it one of the most vital and crucial steps taken towards finding your dream job.

What Is a Resume?
According to Investopedia, a resume is a formal document which is presented to the recruiters, which comprises of a candidate’s previous/current work experience, skills and education details. It may include other vital information like projects undertaken, or any other special skills that need to be brought to the notice of the recruiters.

Why is a Resume Important?
If you’re a product or a brand, then the resume is your marketing efforts. You need to market yourself to companies in order for them to realize you’re all out there in the job market. Hence, the resume is more than just a document. It outlines your whole aptitude and skills apart from your basic details and helps the recruiter understand as to how you can be a best-fit to their organisation. In order to make a favorable initial impression, your resume needs to be perfect. You might not have written one to start with and we can help you with it. Which resume format will work the best for you, what
is the right length of a resume, what to include and what not — there’s much more to think about. But don’t fret. Creating a stellar resume with Board Infinity by your side, has just gotten easier!

Looking up resume examples is a great first step to understand the various formats and styles in-depth. The insights gained from this research will prove to be very beneficial in creating a blueprint for you to start on. You’ll get a few options of downloading resume templates which will provide you a tailored layout straight up and save you good amount of time which you’ll otherwise spend on formatting what you’ve written (which is pretty important too!). Formatting mistakes may end up costing you your job. All in all, choosing the right format of resume and writing it well will surely help you stand out
among thousand other applicants and help you bag the job you set your eyes upon.

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