Wyngcommerce drives retail performance using algorithms. It helps its customers lower markdowns, reduce lost sales and increase full price sell. Their algorithm engine collects data from multiple sources and churns it into actionable decisions. Based on the data it recommends the following decisions- assortment optimization, first allocation, replenishments, buying, vendor reorders and inter-store transfers.

Ankit Jain, one of the Co-founder of Wyngcommerce has several years of experience in domains starting from healthcare to retail. Before starting Wyngcommerce, he worked as a Product Manager in Amazon.

Ankit started Wyngcommerce in the year 2007 with a vision to democratize machine learning algorithms for the customers and help them realize dramatic improvements in speed, cost and flexibility.

  1. What are the roles that you hire for?
    There are different layers of hiring into analytics. Hiring can be for different roles like Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer etc. For a fresher, a Business Analyst role can be a start.
  2. What are the challenges you come across while hiring an entry level talent?
    As we are startup, right now we are hiring experienced individuals so that they can start working from the first day and contribute to the growth of the company. While hiring an entry level, I find a lot of raw talent exists especially for data science and engineering hiring. The potential is lacking and it is very difficult to find someone with good coding, machine learning skills etc. Mathematical knowledge on algebra, probability, statistics are lacking in most of the candidates.
  3. How do you think these challenges can be overcome?
    A lot of work has been started in the curriculum of certain colleges and universities. Premier institutes like IIT’s need to assure specialization courses so that students can understand better.
  4. Are you offering any internships or live-project opportunities?
    Not as of now but very soon.
  5. Do you think a fresher can apply for a role of Data Scientist?
    It depends on the individual. If he or she is good at problem solving and possess good knowledge definitely there won’t be any boundaries for the person to get into this role.
  6. Do you think certifications and online courses give an edge to get hired?
    It doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd. If the courses are taken seriously and an individual has spent time to work hard on it the end result is what will matter during an interview and not the certificate earned.
  7. Is your company focused on Big data and Predictive Analytics?
    Yes we are.
  8. Any interesting projects happening that you would like to share?
    Right now we are dealing with projects into the supply chain area.