dunnhumby is the global leader in Customer Data Science empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive-by putting customers first. They provide integrated solutions by delivering high value to retailers and suppliers clients.

Shipra Arora is a marketing analytics and data science professional with nearly 11 years of experience in consulting retailers and FMCGs on growing engagement with consumers. She is passionate about putting the customer first and transforming organizations to be loyal to their customers. Her expertise include customer acquisition & retention strategy, competitor impact analysis, multi channel media plans, trade activation, and campaign management to drive revenue growth. She also specializes in Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Brand management. Currently she is working as the Director of Data Science at dunnhumby.

Below lies the conversation with Shipra where she focuses on why there is a need of analytics and, what she expects from the aspirants.

  1. What are your expectations while hiring an entry level talent in analytics?
    The importance of Data Science is increasing. The conversion of Technology with Machine Learning is happening. The entry level talent should be able to grasp both Technical and Statistical knowledge; have balance of both.
  2. What are the major skills you look for while hiring?
    The individuals should have good business understanding. They should have excellent analytical and problem solving skills, should be able to comprehend data, well versed with new tools and technologies. Coding is also a big requirement.
  3. Do you provide internship opportunities?
    Yes we do. We have a Graduate Training Program where we train students for around 8 weeks. We basically hire students from colleges who are in their 3rd/4th yr and if they are in their 1st yr of Master’s degree.
  4. Do you think even non engineers can perform well in analytics?
    Yes absolutely if they have analytical and problem solving ability.
  5. Do you think certifications and online courses help students?
    Yes they do.
  6. Is Dunnhumby more into analytics products or services?
    It is into both products and services.
  7. Any interesting project happening?
    Yes we do have a lot of interesting projects. We are helping our retail clients in improving customer experience. We are providing them with solutions and, also helping them digitize their marketing plans.