Digital marketing is the trend nowadays, and so we see a large number of graduates wanting to study this domain. Some even want to own a digital marketing company. Where should you start from, this case? Books. They are an excellent source of learning. Especially, when you want to learn something deeply, mastering the basics is very crucial. Understanding digital marketing over and above what you know of it is very important, because it gives a wider perspective. Let’s look at a list of 5 best digital marketing books for beginners, which will aid you in your journey of becoming a digital marketer.

Purple Cow: Transform your business by being remarkable

This book is by the ever famous Seth Godin, who was previously a business executive. His immense knowledge and a keen interest in the field makes him an ultimate entrepreneur of the information age. This book talks about the success stories of many major markets and brands like Apple, Starbucks, Motorola etc. and how they cut the clutter and succeeded in advertising, by being remarkable. He tries to highlight techniques using which your business can become the purple cow. This book is very helpful to understand the foundation of digital marketing and how the world uses it.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

This book is by the famous Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a four-time New York best-selling author and owns a digital media agency himself. This book talks exclusively about social media marketing, and how to win the hearts of your customers. He gives remarkable tips on how to connect with customers and beat the competition. Many top brands, though they have an active social media presence, do not seem to create ground-breaking content. He provides strategies for creating relevant social media content and converting followers to brand loyalists.

Positioning: The battle for your mind

Positioning of any product/service or brand is extremely important, and this book talks about just that. This book will tell you about positioning, its aspects and concepts, how to position your product well, power of names, etc. This book no doubt has few of the best positioning examples and will help you with market strategies to build a positioning for your brand. Hence, this is an excellent book for digital marketers, especially when you are a fresher.

Digital marketing for dummies

In this book, the authors talk about marketing plans, SEO, customer journey, blogging, SEM, paid marketing, Social media marketing, analytics, etc. From covering every topic in-depth to giving more than 50+ blog ideas, they have also given the best way to write promotional emails. This makes it an excellent source of reference material for anyone who is starting out in digital marketing and needs to up their knowledge.

Blogging: A practical guide to start your blog

This book by Jo and Dale Reardon encourages one to start a blog and make a business out of it. It provides excellent stepwise instructions for setting up a blog and then running it successfully with different online tools recommendations. All in all, this book is super fantastic when it comes to teaching one about blogs and the power they hold for brand websites.

Now that you know 5 best digital marketing books for beginners, go take your pick and hit Biblio-Ville! Well, not all are voracious readers. For those ones, there is Board Infinity’s Digital Marketing Learning Path which is a comprehensive course with 80+ hours of online classes, which you can take at your convenience. You will be taught all the skills required and can become a competent digital marketer in no time!