Best Data Science Hackathons To Participate In 2022

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Data science is one of the most popular fields due to its vast variety of applications in industries such as agriculture, robotics, oil and gas, energy and resource management, healthcare, and many others. Hackathons are events in which computer programmers, enthusiasts, coders, testers, and analysts collaborate with one another and occasionally with people from other professions to create code for a new software product or service in a short period.  

While hackathons are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and cooperate with experts in your industry, they also have a competitive element to them. If you are driven by a desire to create in business, innovation, or technology, you should participate in a hackathon at least once in your life to realize the true power of collaboration. Participating in a hacking marathon is an event that transforms your thinking above all.            

Best Data Science Hackathons To Participate

1. DataHack Hackathon by AnalyticsVidhya

It includes 67 different types of challenges, including hackathons specifically for data science enthusiasts. Well-known data scientists created some of the tasks. This hackathon offers the chance to win various prizes, employment, and much more.  

2. Machinehack hackathon

The Machinehack hackathon includes a variety of challenges, such as data science student championships, Data Engineering championships, and more. It's an advanced hackathon aimed at data scientists, artificial intelligence practitioners, machine learning developers, and other tech aficionados. Participants will be encouraged to demonstrate their abilities by creating an ML model, visualization, and other programs to demonstrate data science and programming skills.  

3. DriveData hackathon

DriveData is an advanced hackathon with multiple tasks based on artificial intelligence and images. It features a variety of intriguing Facebook tasks, such as Facebook AI Image similarity challenges and other earthquake prediction problems and healthcare-related challenges, such as Dengue predication and others. It also has some exciting cash prizes.  

4. HackerEarth hackathons

HackerEarth publishes new challenges and hackathons on a weekly and monthly basis. It also offers career opportunities and the chance to win fantastic prizes. Many well-known firms post challenges on HackerEarth in order to evaluate pupils and acquire highly talented individuals.  

5. WiDS Datathon

The WiDS Datathon is specially developed to inspire women to learn more about data science.

This time hackathon theme is energy efficiency and its consequences on climate change. The participants will get a chance to explore various regional differences in energy efficiency and get a chance to build an AI model which can predict the energy demand.    

6. Helmholtz GPU Hackathon

Another exciting hackathon is the Helmholtz GPU hackathon. It targets all academics and industrial partners to accelerate their AI research. In this hackathon, all teams will get professional mentorship from industry experts. The hackathon basically includes programming and machine learning algorithms that need to choose to enhance the GPU performance.  

7. Big Data and Data Science Hackathon, San Diego

This year's hackathon focuses on real-world healthcare difficulties, and participants can work on AI/ML, mobile, patient experience, health inequities, and many other topics. This hackathon encourages Data Science and Big Data Analytics for students and educators.      

8. DataTrained hackathon

Diabetes prediction, student admissions probability, and loan prediction are among the challenges of the DataTrained hackathon. Prediction and analysis are crucial to the hackathon.    

9. Smart India Hackathon 2022

The Government of India is sponsoring this hackathon aimed at students, data scientists, and AI professionals. It covers a wide range of topics, including agriculture, blockchain, many others, and software and hardware. It includes challenges financed by state governments, the federal government, and businesses.

10. Aigents Hackathon

This year Aigents hackathon is based on Data science challenges. It is World Data League 2022. The challenge is sponsored by the 11th UN Sustainable Goal - Sustainable Cities and Communities. In the challenge, they are going to provide problem statements along with datasets which is related to data-driven cities.

Participating In Hackathons Can Help You Strengthen The Following Skills:

  1. Teamwork: Good interaction is the key to success during a hackathon, just as it is in many other aspects of life. Learning how to split duties, assign responsibilities, rely on the performance of others, and listen to other people's perspectives is critical for personal development, and that is exactly what a hackathon is about.
  2. Innovation:- Innovation is in the air during a hackathon! Now is the moment to experiment with new technologies, learn new programming languages, and, most importantly, take chances! Innovation is the buzzword to rethink society's issues and the big difficulties of current times.
  3. Self-confidence:- If you have never participated in a hackathon before, you may likely feel awkward with your team at some time. But don't allow your first-time nerves or a superficial perspective of hacking marathons to limit your potential! Delivering an excellent solution or idea at the end of the event gives you such a satisfying sensation that your self-esteem will naturally rise!
  4. Portfólio:- Are you looking for a job or want to expand your resume's area of expertise? It is the chance where you can develop your skillset and strengthen your portfolio during a hackathon.

Perks Of Participating In Hackathons:

  1. Exposure with Outstanding Mentors:- Hackathons are a fantastic way to meet potential mentors (and future employers!) Because hackathons are available to people of all levels of knowledge and experience, you'll be surrounded by people with various experts from different industries.
  2. Cash Prizes and Free Stuff:- Many hackathons provide fantastic prizes to the winner and runner-up teams and a slew of other freebies to all participants. In addition, hackathons analyze and choose winners based on a variety of criteria and categories, with different categories offering varied chances to win.
  3. A Fantastic Chance for Peer Networking:- Whether you're a new graduate or a professional programmer, a Hackathon is a wonderful location to not only work on a project but also meet others who share your interests. This may assist you in expanding your network, which is good for both your social and professional activities.
  4. It's a great deal of enjoyment:- Finally, hackathons are a great deal of fun! You're surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for technology. Even if you don't come out as a winner, you'll undoubtedly make some new friends!

So, what's stopping you from joining Hackathons? Simply take a Board Infinity course to brush up on your data science and programming skills and participate in hackathons. Here are some useful courses which will help you while the hackathon.

  1. Data Science:- This course was created by industry professionals and covered all of the necessary skills for becoming a data scientist. It also involves interactions between students and mentors and numerous hands-on tasks. The training will give you the knowledge and confidence necessary to win any data science hackathon. Data science principles, visualization approaches, and data science math are all covered. It also introduces you to tableau software, an industrial standard for visualization and data analytics.
  2. AI and Machine Learning:- Machine learning expertise is essential for anybody wanting to become an AI specialist or compete in AI contests. This course covers Python, Deep Learning, Advanced NLP, and a variety of AI projects that cover a variety of tools and frameworks. This course will refresh all of the necessary AI skills for hackathons.
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms:- Because C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages in the industry for different hardware and software development. This course will teach you all of the data structure and algorithm principles in the C++ programming language. The course provides in-depth knowledge of key terminology in algorithms.
  4. Python Programming and Python for Data Science:- These two courses provide students with hands-on experience with Python programming languages. It covers all of the essential ideas and OOPS and advanced Python subjects, which are crucial in any competitive task. It will also teach you all of the data science topics and how to program in Python.

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Hackathons are one of the best ways to hone your skills and build an impressive portfolio. Moreover, they also help you build a wider network and more meaningful connections, which adds as a bonus point for moving forward in your career journey. Now that you have a fair idea of Data Science, it is time for you to participate in these data science hackathons and really wow your future recruiters!

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