Over the past decade, there has been significant economic growth, with many multinational corporations and startups experiencing growth and stability in the global market. With this growth and expansion of industries, there arises a need to recruit versatile and qualified professionals spearheading their respective domains. Organizations today look for fresh recruits who are not only strong academically in their own crucial fields, but have a broader awareness about their industry and line of work. But there is a vivid gap between the expectations of the recruiting bodies and the qualified workforce, with almost all applicants being educated and trained in a stereotypical methodology. And that is where Board Infinity acts as a bridge, focusing on making applicants industry ready.

Students today are guided in a work culture, where only a few streams and education are pursued, because those roles have stayed in the market for a long time and they have been the safest options to pursue since many years. But in these changing times, where people are expected to be trained professionals, it is highly critical for students, to find proper guidance and coaching, so that they can grow strong and shape their career towards the industry roles that suit them the best and not just be guided mindlessly, moving with the majority. Board Infinity works towards evolving the students with right skill sets and expertise which is aligned to industry demands, thus increasing the value of an applicant’s resume and helping him stand better than the competition.

I come from a family of teachers and have always carried a strong appeal towards coaching and training. I have worked in various corporates and startups and have always been a keen trainer and now been mentoring startups for quite some time. Through many interactions and coaching sessions with students and industry applicants, I find several students having put great efforts in various directions, but they are still confused as to what they really want to do. The applicants even seem blinded to the vast plethora of job opportunities in front of them and are aware or ready for only 10% of the entire positions due to lack of knowledge.

Board Infinity aims to equip students with proper talents and expertise in various domains aligning the education imparted with industry demands and the personal interests of the students. This ensures that the students are groomed in the most productive line of education. In this era of today where there is a rat race when it comes to people’s careers, organizations like Board Infinity are playing the role of Drona in Mahabharata by guiding the career seekers to the right path where they see themselves to be excelling better than the rest. The twenty-first century is an era of speed — people want quick learning, quick actions and quick results. So, guiding someone is the biggest challenge because people do not have the patience to be guided by someone. But Board Infinity has proved this wrong by trying and succeeding at guiding students to bring about a change in the educational procedure of the nation.

The vision is simple; the aim is to impart the fullest of education and career guidance programs so that there are no blind-spots left unattended. Board Infinity is redefining the definition of career guidance by keeping this vision at the fore.

Written By — Vinod Menon, Board Infinity Coach
Coach Vinod is A Business Technologist with strong domain and analytics background, passionate on innovative solutions solving challenging problems faced by enterprises in areas of controlling costs and improving top line. Over the years have been exposed to FinTech, InsurTech, AccountTech, RegTech , Process Management and other domains . Personally, he likes talking about future technologies that can disrupt the way things are done today, meeting people and building relationships and contributing to the startup world.

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