One can only do so much to convince the recruiter that he wants the job. The candidate will do his best to prove to the interviewer that he is very much capable of doing the job. However, what he says will only contribute to a part of the message. All the rest comes from body language. Remembering a few tips for interview body language will help you in communicating a positive message to the recruiter. Let’s look at some!

Pay Attention
Body language is communication, but non-verbal. Your body has its own ways of giving out cues which are used by the recruiter to make decisions regarding your job. You need to pay attention to yourself and keep yourself alert. Don’t slouch and sit straight. Keep arms loose and uncrossed. Most importantly, be yourself.

7-38-55 Rule
A Psychology professor from UCLA has researched and found that while 7% of the
communication is via the words spoken, 38% is via the tone we adopt and our voice. An astounding 55% of the communication is via body language. You now know why it is so important!

Maintain Eye Contact
Eye contact is a harbinger of confidence. People tend to associate eye contact with
respect and honesty. You may not able to make direct eye contact when you’re lying,
hence that’s where the honesty stems from. Don’t look haphazardly or on the floor if
you’re nervous. Maintaining eye contact will help you regain composure as well. If you still find it hard, then make sure you hover your gaze around the recruiter’s face in which case they wouldn’t notice much.

Copy The Recruiter
In some cases, a safe way would be to mirror the recruiter’s body language. If you're
going blank or not able to do any of the above, this is the safest bet. When you do this, you’re unconsciously building a rapport or a trust with the recruiter.

Avoid Fidgeting Too Much
Hand gestures could be used during the interview. Be sure to keep your hands above the table but below your collarbone. Don’t hide your hands. Simple, infrequent hand
gestures aid in adding effect to what you’re saying—however, avoid finger-pointing or using frequent or too many hand gestures, as this can make you come off as a fidgety and a clumsy person. Playing with your hair or touching your face constantly can also make you appear unprofessional. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, join them and keep them on your lap. Make sure you give a nice firm handshake and a smile, once the interview is over!

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