Introduction to Data Science

Data science is basically making sense of the truckloads of data available locally and globally, today. Businesses want to make intelligent use of this data that is available. The data science domain employs mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information science to analyse and understand data.

The final results and information are then converted into ideas, solutions, or offerings by the business heads.

Why is data science needed?

There is a lot of unstructured data available with organisations that can help in customising their offerings. Here is where data science comes into the picture!

It is used to analyse and draw meaningful insights out of semi-structured and unstructured data, using various advanced analytics tools and frameworks like Power BI, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, and programming languages like Python.

The experts in the field, called data scientists, adopt techniques and tools to draw insights and derive solutions for real-time problems which includes data mining, statistical modeling, pattern recognition and data visualisation.

According to, the total number of analytics and data science job positions available in India in 2019 amounted to 97,000. With the advent of Data Science, industries are able to make careful data-driven decisions making Data Science the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.

Career in Data Science | Scope & Job roles

By 2020, the vacancies in data science careers/jobs will touch almost two lakh, says Economic Times. In order to become a full-fledged data scientist, you must be proficient in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Companies who want to maximize their profits, analyze customer segments and minimize their losses are actively looking for data scientists. The various data science career paths that can be taken up are machine learning engineer, business analyst, data analyst, Systems analyst, infrastructure architect, etc.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Data Science is a new and nascent field. India lags way behind in offering degrees in Data Science. As a result, there are a very few people who possess actual knowledge and the right amount of expertise in this field. This gap will soon become larger.

Data science online courses can help you sharpen and hone your competencies. Hence, it is advisable to opt for data science online course, which connects you to leading experts from the industry, and your peers for unique mentoring and networking opportunities.

Not only that, the experts will guide you from the learning phase till you are placed. Who gives such a personalised treatment online? Board Infinity’s Data Science Learning Path, does. Let us look at what all it offers.

With a comprehensive learning path designed with 150+ hours of online data science classes, this hybrid course helps a beginner build a career in data science from scratch. Along with expert guidance at every step, there is also a coaching session organised for all students where the experts from the industry guide and help students to prepare for their dream job interviews.

Not only does this course impart an in-depth understanding of the subject by providing latest content, but it also gives practical exposure by giving a chance to work on real-time projects. Becoming a successful and well informed data scientist was never this easy and comprehensive. Let us have a look at the data science learning path’s syllabus which will be taught to students.

What will be taught?

Introduction to Data Science

Understand what data science constitutes of, why it came into being, and what are the different skills required. A basic understanding of the topic is very much necessary if you want to become an expert in it. These fundamentals will answer all your questions and give you a detailed idea of the basic concepts and skills like statistics and probability, SQL, Tableau, etc. It will also help you understand the various responsibilities of a data scientist in any organisation.

Business Analytics with Excel

Excel is a powerful tool that can perform many functions. It is a business analyst’s best friend and you will learn why. Right from the basic functions to the more complex ones like pivot charts, VBA, etc., a real-time case study will be assigned to improve your practical and hands-on knowledge.

Data Visualization and Storytelling using Tableau

Every business needs to visualise its data to analyse it and then consequently make decisions from it. Tableau, the most popular tool will help you do just that. Learn the ins and outs of this tool to ace your data-visualising knowledge.

Advanced SQL

The next step to basic SQL ( assuming you already know SQL basic). Learn more about MySQL, NoSQL, and various other queries to become a subject matter expert. This will help you to not only create data, but also retrieve it.

Maths and Python Programming

Both Maths and Python are fundamentally crucial for understanding and implementing data science. Right from learning different algorithms, statistics and probability, hypothesis testing etc., to learning Pandas, Anaconda and Jupyter, you will move on from the basics to the advanced levels with a lot of clarity and ease.

Machine Learning

Learn all the machine learning concepts like decision tree, linear regression, logistic regression, NLP, etc to build efficient projects and enhance your knowledge through live projects too.

Soft skills

Technical skills are not everything, and you need to be efficient at soft skills as well if you want to get selected for your dream job. Social and communication skills are very essential in order to crack interviews. Through the personalized sessions learn various tools to improve your online presence, ways to improve your interview skills and build a strong portfolio.

What are you waiting for?

Become a successful and certified data scientist with this extensive and personalised learning path and become the sexiest humans in the world!

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