Certification in Data Science alongside a Master's Degree: My Important Career Decision

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By - Dhruvi Shah, Board Infinity Alumni

A year ago, I intended to pursue a Master’s degree in Data Science from abroad. However, it didn’t go as planned and my admission was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and I had to stay back. Due to my decision to pursue higher studies, I didn't have a job. The college placement cell considered us ineligible for work placements. For once, I thought all my plans were doomed until I explored my options here in India.

My Early Career Journey

My name is Dhruvi Shah. I am from Vadodara, Gujarat. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science at Pandit Deendayal Energy University (Gandhinagar), as well as doing an internship at Avegen in Pune as a Data Analyst.
My deep interest and exceptional performance in mathematics led me to choose the science track six years ago. Both my parents have studied science. It was them who advised pursuing computer science because it was the most promising field back then. So. in order to pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science, I enrolled at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Institute of Technology in Vasad.

It became evident to me during my course that I had more interest in programming languages and coding than in hardware or software as I was most comfortable with AngularJS, Python, SQL, etc.

My plan was to go to Australia to study Data Science after graduation. Nevertheless, I was only deferred for good as the same program with PDPU scholarship was offered to me, at a much affordable fee. I was amongst 18 students who got selected for the program in 2020.

However, the course at PDPU is mainly concerned with the theoretical aspects of Data Science, and placement was not guaranteed, since most people who go for a master’s degree, pursue a Ph.D. afterward.

My Experience with Board Infinity

Board Infinity caught my eye on Instagram. I was blown away by the placement support guarantee as that was exactly what I was looking for. To be honest, I took a while to decide before paying my fee. As soon as I was satisfied with the information that I had gathered about the course, I enrolled in the Data Science 1-on-1 course in April 2021. I appreciated how well-organized the course was, and the affordable and convenient fee structure made all the difference to me.

I found the 1:1 course very helpful because I was able to clear my doubts on the spot, and I didn't have to wait for my turn. In addition to that, it helped me develop good terms with my mentors, who gave me personalized guidance and helped me figure out my area of interest in Data Science.

Due to the fact that I was juggling college, my job, and my course with BI, I sometimes had to cancel my classes. I have had excellent support from my program manager, Vineet, and since I had taken up a 1:1 course, I have had flexibility in scheduling and rescheduling classes.

What I appreciate most about Board Infinity is that all of our coaches are industry professionals. We do not get much information about company culture and professional insight in college. So, it was an exclusive experience for me and I was really enjoying it.

My Internship with Avegen

During my course, I discovered that I was more interested in Data Analysis. Excel, Sequel, Dashboarding, etc. were all fun to learn. Vineet, my program manager, connected me with Avegen Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. for an internship in July 2021 after I completed the course in just 3 months, thanks to a 1:1 program that allows you to learn at your own pace. As I am still in the second year of my master's degree, I couldn't opt for placements directly after completing my course. It was a blessing to be able to do this internship since an internship is a requirement of our Master's program.

Thankfully, I had exposure to the field from Board Infinity's coaches. My work of Data Analysis is very smooth at Avegen. If I am offered a position at Avegen, I will join their team full-time after I complete my college courses. My goal is to work for 7-8 years and then start my own consulting company.

Having life turn out the way it did is wonderful. My life wouldn't be so smooth if I lived abroad. It would cost too much and wouldn't be as pleasant. Sometimes, life lets us choose difficult paths, but it is kind enough to make the easier ones for us as well. Having the chance to stay back and do what I love makes me very happy.

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