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This is what an interview with Sagar BG- Manager-Talent Acquisition at LeadSquared reveals regarding the current recruitment scenario-

1. What are the challenges you are facing w.r.t finding good talent in the market?

The major challenge is the level of expertise of the talent pool. It’s really difficult to find candidates that exactly fit the requirement of the role.

2. Are there any specific skills where you see more demand coming in for your business?

The skills that would be more in demand are Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning and React.

3. What is your entry level talent hiring strategy?

It’s a mix of on and off campus drives; the hired candidates undergo specific training for the different roles offered so that they are better equipped to take on the challenges in the roles.

4. Is your company focusing on offering live projects and internships to students?

Yes we do offer ample opportunities to students for live projects and Internships.

5.  What is the future talent strategy in your organization for upcoming skills in tech/analytics?

The focus would be more on the expertise to evaluate people, also the companies too have to adapt and change internally based on the changing trends, so that they can instigate the same change externally.