By - Jogesh Singh, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early Career Journey

In school, from class 5th-10th, I was always among the top 5 in academics. But, I wanted to make a career in sports. I dreamt of playing cricket at national level. My leg broke when I was in the third year of my college which made me unfit for sports.

Like most of the other people who opt for science in class 11th & 12th, even I took IIT-JEE exams coaching. Sadly, I couldn't secure a good rank. In 2016, I took admission in Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar to study B.Tech in Computer Science.

However, during the course I found out that I wasn't really good at coding in C++, and maybe changing my career path might be beneficial to my future career.

I was introduced to the Data Science field by my best friend, Mehul Khurana, who was working in the same field. He told me how flourishing this field was and how it was booming with career opportunities. I researched on my own and found out that the field required so many skills but I could learn them all through a certification. Since Board Infinity was a trusted organization, as many of my seniors at college had done the course from BI, I decided to go for it.

My Experience with Board Infinity

In February 2021, I joined Board Infinity's Data Science Course and found out that there is so much to this field!  The trainers at Board Infinity are experts in the field who teach you from the basics to advance. My coach, besides the excellent training, also helped me find out what was the best for me  in terms of Data Science.  

The curriculum is very strong at Board Infinity. With two quizzes and an exam after completion of each module, it gives you an opportunity to assess your learning and revise whatever has been taught. This type of coaching is really helpful to retain information and hone your skills.

We were even provided with projects for each module which helped me gain hands-on experience in the field of Data Science.

I also want to thank my Program Manager, Vineet, who helped me a lot. He provided me with the necessary study materials and scheduled mock interviews for me to be better at it.

My Placement Journey

Apart from this, self-study plays a great role in transitioning your career. I have dedicated 4-6 hours daily to practise at least 25-30 questions of SQL and Python. If you want to get into Data Science, you must master these two. So, I worked really hard to get where I am today. On a personal level, I used to practise on platforms like Hackerrank where I also secured a gold badge for SQL and a silver one in Python.

Finally, I am so happy to tell you that I got placed at Genpact as a Data Engineer. I have cracked 3-4 interviews, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to Board Infinity for that.

My recruiters at Genpact conducted a 1 hour and 12 minutes interview where they asked me moderate to advanced level questions based on SQL and Python, and I could nearly answer all of them to secure the role. Now, I look forward to a great future for myself. I am looking at innovations rather than hikes in the big picture.

To anyone like me, who is planning to transition from one career to a totally different career, I would like to advise that all it takes is Patience and Practise. Do not question yourself once you have made up your mind. Give it time and you will succeed.

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