You might be familiar with the terms Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Business Analyst. These terms have become very popular as these jobs are highly desirable and well paid in today’s date.

If you think they all mean the same, you are completely wrong! Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Business Analysts work very closely together, however, they are completely different from each other.

Before you move on with the blog. Watch this video to have a look at the different Data Science Roles and the Responsibilities associated with those job roles.

Let’s take a look at their roles in an organization

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst is responsible for studying and analyzing complex and latest data. They extract meaningful information from this raw data and find important trends for the organization.

The analysis they make and the information they find help Data Scientists to manipulate and manage the data efficiently.

2. Data Scientist

The job of a Data Scientist includes maintaining, manipulating and building data models. They convert data into business strategies and also take part in planning business plans. The data models that they create help the organization take well informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

They are required to have excellent data visualization and decision making skills alongside technical knowledge.

They need to keep up with market trends and innovations in the data science field so that they can device better data models and business strategies.

3. Business Analyst

Where Data Analyst and Data Scientist work on data collected through different information sources, Business Analyst study market and business trends to analyze the organizations performance, business strategies, competitor’s performance and more such business related factors.

They also analyze the different systems and business models and how they are integrated with technology.

They define the organization’s needs and develop solutions which profit the various stakeholders of the business.

Thus, the main difference between Data Analysts and Business Analysts is core functionality. Business Analysts work on the development of business strategies by studying market trends; Data Analysts and Data Scientists work on developing data models which helps Business Analysts develop the business strategies.

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