Cognitive Information Solution is a leading provider of Enterprise Information service specialized on SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver BW, Business Objects BI Application Management Services (AMS), Migration to Cloud, Mobility Computing and SaaS BI reporting solutions powered by SAP HANA, Cloud and Mobile device. Cognitive delivers services and products that help organizations to achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhanced market agility.

This is what Shaheen Parvez- Manager- Recruitment at Cognitive Information Solution has to say about the current recruitment scenario-

1. What are the challenges you are facing w.r.t finding good talent in the market?

One of the challenges I face is finding talent on short notice and the difficulty to match the unrealistic expectations of the candidates. Some often ask for a 100% hike in their salaries but unable to justify it.

2. Are there any specific skills where you see more demand coming in for your business?

Being a leading provider of Enterprise Information service we look for candidates who have relevant experience in JAVA, SQL, .NET etc. to join us in the different roles we offer.

3. What is your entry level talent hiring strategy?

We as an organisation are majorly into hiring for higher level job roles, therefore hiring for entry level jobs does not come into the picture.

4. What is the future talent strategy in your organization for upcoming skills in tech/analytics?

For the future, it’s going to be all about AI; therefore we plan on embracing AI at all relevant stages of the recruitment process.