Interviews definitely don’t end once you walk out the door. The interim between that moment and their response is like a nightmare for most. What can you do to ease it? You need to follow up. Although it’s not really mandatory and not all recruiters hope to get an email or a phone call from you, doing it may always work in your favor. There’s nothing to lose if you do it the right way. A simple follow-up after the interview from your end could ensure success for you.

How to follow up after an interview?
There are various ways to approach it but always start with a thank you for the hiring manager’s time. That always makes sense and it always means more than courtesy.
Show your enthusiasm regarding the job profile and the time you spent giving the interview. Add in a line or two subtly indicating at why you’re the best fit for the role you’ve interviewed for. This also gives you the time to recollect if you’ve forgotten to ask any important information.
Ask them what is the best timing and method to follow up with them. This sort of gives you an idea about what to expect post interview.

The aim of following up is not only a part of making a good impression but to actually reiterate the fact that you’re one of the best candidates that came that day. You were invited because you were considered to be good. A follow-up will just make your chances better of the interviewer thinking positively about you.

What to keep in mind?
There are certain factors to be kept in mind while you follow up with the interviewer. You need to make sure some time has at least passed after the interview, say 24 hours. If you’re checking back because you’ve had no revert at all, for that too you need to wait for at least 3 days before you can ask them.

Maintain the same tone and type of conversation you had with the interviewer while at the interview. Don’t try to get too informal or friendly and try to keep it as natural as possible.

Keep your personality intact while you’re writing a mail or talking on the phone with the interviewer. He should really know who you are. You can always bring back important conversation pointers into the follow-up conversation and remind them again.

Take your time in framing a message or what you want to talk, beforehand. You really want to give a good impression as well, so put in the effort and time required for it.

Which method to use for follow-up after an interview will depend on how the interview went. If they have communicated over a call, you can also call them. If email or LinkedIn is the only source of contact, you may decide to stick to it. It’s what you feel is appropriate in the end.