By - Mohammed Khalid, Board Infinity Alumni

My Career Background

After my 11th & 12th, my 1st choice was to get into Aeronautical Engineering but the cost of education was too high.

My second option was Computer Science, which sadly was completely rejected by my parents.

The path they wanted me to pick was Mechanical Engineering, and I didn’t have any other choice but to go for it.

Going into engineering, I was still a bit curious about computer science. This curiosity was reignited when my college started teaching the C programming language in my 1st year.

When I discovered Data Science

I enjoyed coding so much that I actively started learning Python online daily after my college would end.

I started to realize that I didn’t really want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.

So I started looking for a career path which included a mixture of programming & technical skills. This is when I discovered Data Science. As soon as I learnt about it, I just knew that I had to pursue this career path.

I started educating myself more about the subject of data science. Meanwhile, I also started looking for courses that would help me learn the necessary in-demand skills while giving me good placement opportunities.

Experience at Board Infinity

This is when I stumbled across Board Infinity. Their data science learning path grabbed my attention because it offered both of the things that I was looking for.

I went on their website, booked a consulting call with their team member and enrolled in the program as soon as possible.

I’m a person who likes to learn through practice, so for me, 80% of the course’s learning was through solving these quizzes, assignments and working on projects.

The theoretical concepts just got crystal-clear once I started practically applying them to the assignments and projects.

These weren’t any normal quizzes or assignments that you’d find online.

Actually, you couldn’t find the solution to these assignments on Google or other websites (I tried), which made them tougher, more challenging and more educational.

Each and every industry expert coach was also superb at teaching & clearing doubts. They were very knowledgeable in their respective domains and overall very helpful in every aspect.

Placement Process

We also had a whole placement preparation process which was just amazing. We had a few communication skills session hosted by Shoma ma’am which were extremely helpful and I’m sure they’ll help me a lot during my placements.

After my graduation, I aim to become a Machine Learning Engineer.

I want to choose this path specifically because it falls in line with all of my inherent skills, I get the chance to learn something new every day and the job opportunities are higher.

I have a year left before I graduate so I’m still in touch with 2 of the coaches from my program (Srikant Kumar sir and Karmugilan Jayachandhiran sir). I regularly reach out to them for any career tips or advice that would help me enhance my skill set even further. I also work on weekly projects during my free time and send it to them for evaluation.

I’m very excited for my future, and I’m so glad I took the decision to learn with Board Infinity.

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