By - Abhishek kad, Board Infinity Alumni

Early Career Background

My name is Abhishek Sunil kad. I hail from Hadapsar, Pune. I completed my Mechanical Engineering in 2016 from K.J. College of Engineering in Pune. Later, I choose to change my line and currently I hold a position of a Legal Associate in a multinational company - Team Leads Pvt. Ltd. Read further into my story to know why I again reconsidered my career and took up a course in Data Science.

Growth is very important for one's future but we don't think about these things when we are freshly out of school. We go wherever everybody else is going and do whatever everybody else is doing. For me, this was engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because everybody else was doing it.

But now, having worked both as a Mechanical Engineer and as a Legal Associate which I learned mostly on the job, I still felt that something was missing from my life as I couldn't see my future clearly and my growth felt stagnant.

It's difficult to handle that urge when you know that you don't want to do something but can't tell what else could comfort you. I started searching for different certification courses that could help me get a job and landed upon Board Infinity's page. I was immediately connected with a career counselor who helped me figure out my next destination - Data Science. Honestly, I had no idea about Data Science before this but Himanshu Sir explained everything to me.

After this interaction, I took at least a week to think about the future and growth in the Data Science field. I searched on Quora, YouTube asked my friends around, all of which information summed up to tell that - Data is Future.

Learning Experience at Board Infinity

So, I joined the Data Science course at Board Infinity. The coach has been very helpful all this while. I came from a different background but I have been able to gel well with the subject. Also, the environment at Board Infinity is very friendly. The regular webinars have been very helpful in clearing all my doubts regarding the subject.

And, about the learning, I can say that I have learned 50-60% till now and once I finish my 1:1 sessions in July, I am sure it will reach 95%.

My placements are also nearing so I am pulling my socks up. My 1:1 session starts in July. These sessions with our coaches help us assess how well we know about our subjects and will help us in handling the interview questions as well. Right now, I am 75-80% sure that I will get placed in a good company. The rest of the confidence will come with practice.

Someday, I want to work for big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. But I also want to live with my family in Hadapsar. This was one of the many reasons I convinced myself to take up this course in Data Science. There are many companies in Pune in which I can apply, secure a job and also live with my family.

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That was all my experience at Board Infinity.

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