From an I.T. Engineer to a Digital Data Practitioner at Accenture

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By - Niranjan Tembe, Board Infinity Alumni

My Career Background

After completing my I.T. Diploma in Raigad... I went on to pursue B.E. in Information Technology at SIES College of Engineering, Nerul.

During my graduation, I started to develop an interest in web development. So as soon as I graduated, I got a job as a web developer in Raigad.

As I started working more and more on web development, I came across SEO a lot of times. So I started digging deeper into what SEO actually is and what purpose it serves for websites. This is when I actually started realizing how big the whole digital marketing field is.

Digital Marketing, But Why?

I was very interested in learning more about this. I started following a few influencers in the digital marketing space like Neil Patel, Gary Vee, etc. I got sucked in instantly!

I started watching a lot of their content, as well as content from other digital marketers. Their content was able to intrigue me enough that I started researching on Google as to what Digital marketing really is.

At the time I was still working as a full-time web developer but I also wanted to learn more about digital marketing. So I decided that taking an online course in this field would be the most convenient for me.

I started looking for digital marketing courses online & that’s when I was hit by an ad from Board Infinity. Their whole institute seemed very interesting so I instantly decided to visit their office for a free counseling session.

I also went for a lot of other counseling sessions at different institutes during this period, but nothing even came close to what Board Infinity was offering.

This made it very easy for me and I decided to enroll for Digital Marketing Course at Board Infinity!

Learning Made Easy

The main reasons were their hands-on teaching methods, 1:1 interactions with industry expert mentors, the support from their team at all times, career coaching & 100% placement assistance.

During the course, we had a project which I remember very distinctly.

Basically, our whole batch had to choose a social media platform and give a presentation on it. Coach Pranav Parekh recommended that I choose LinkedIn as my topic of presentation. I was very nervous to do this because I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my communication skills at the time.

In the end, I was able to do a good job at this presentation & the experience felt really good. I will always remember this because it really helped me improve my confidence, as well as, my overall communication skills.

Another honorable mention is the team that manages the students at Board Infinity. They are so friendly and supportive every step of the way that it never really felt like I was just a student there, they treated us more like friends and actually cared for us!

Getting Job made Easier

After spending almost 4 months learning about digital marketing, putting it into practice, working on capstone projects, assignments, building my soft skills, giving tons of mock interviews… I was finally able to secure a job as a Digital Data Practitioner at Accenture.

Currently, I'm working with huge international brands that I never thought I would get a chance to work with & handling ads for them.

Loved the amount of knowledge that I got from Board Infinity and the experience. I would recommend it to everyone who is trying to switch careers or trying to grow in their careers.

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