By - Sohini Chowdhury, Board Infinity Alumni

Professional Journey

I have always been inclined towards understanding our environment better and hoped to work on meaningful projects for the betterment of our surroundings. If you see my academic background you’ll know, I had a clear vision towards working as an Environmental tech Evangelist. I pursued a BSc in Environmental Science and Climate Change from Calcutta University, after which I went for an MBA in Public System with a specialization in Environmental Management from Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management. The on-campus placements helped me secure a job at  a reputed “Chartered Environmental Audit & Sustainability Services Organization, where I picked up a unique perspective around how to handle clients. This helped me land on my current job at Godrej Properties Limited, where I am currently working as a Relationship Manager. Till here my career seemed like a very successful plan and indeed it was until I organised a house-party for my friends who were mostly into Data Science.

My career transition from a passionate Environmental Enthusiast to finding my way through a Data Science course might sound like a weird combination to you but if you try to look through my lenses, you might even find it valid!

Before you go further about reading my story, I would like to tell you that I haven’t given up on my enthusiasm related to the environment and I shall continue to pursue it at a personal level

Let’s get back to what happened at the party! I am located in Pune for my job where I have tons of friends working as Data Scientists at big firms. For me, Data Science was a strange term till the moment I eavesdropped into my friends’ conversation who were casually talking about how Data Science offered the best jobs in the industry. This made me very curious and I asked them to tell me more about it. They also told me how this Edtech Board Infinity was offering a course regardless of the academic background of a person and how I could blindly trust it because they were in talking terms to Abhay. I researched my bit as I was keen to know more about a field that had so many job opportunities with an excellent salary offering.

My Experience with Board Infinity

Once I had convinced myself of this career leap, I enrolled myself into the Data Science course with Board Infinity. To some of you, it might seem like being opportunistic, which in my view is a smart way of doing things. I like going with the flow and this somehow seemed like the flow I wanted to go with at that time. One of the biggest reasons behind going for this course was the sense of financial security. In the next five years, I, as a daughter, a friend, a part of the society, don’t want to live with the fear of a pandemic hampering the safety of my closed ones just because I couldn't afford the services. A certain level of financial security is a must for each one of us.

With Board Infinity, it feels like my college days are back again with the assignments, tasks and quizzes. These activities are extremely engaging and keep us on our toes. After a 9-5 job, my friend who is pursuing the same course and I, we discuss our assignments and it is very refreshing to be learning something new together. With this course, I understood how Data based information is driving the 21st century world, where by learning how to manipulate data, one can understand the nature of any functional organisation. The formal approach in coaching us makes me believe I made the right choice in choosing my platform. Till now, I have completed my two modules and mentor Coach Prasshant has been very helpful throughout.

My Placement Experience

For my placement, I think I am a confident person and shall make it through however I am yet to master the technical skills since I come from a very different background but I am working really hard everyday to achieve that level. About the course, I think it is totally worth it if I am able to give my 100% to it.

Closing this blog, I think the only thing I want to reinforce here is that - When you are making a career transition it can be very distressing. Your colleagues may tell you that you are taking up something just because “it is hot in the market”. But, trust me, if you are ready to give your 100% to something, it will always be worth it. Never underestimate yourself.

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That was all my experience at Board Infinity.

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