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By - Shakti, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early Career Journey

My name is Shakti. I am from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

When I chose to pursue B.Tech after my schooling, it was just an option to buy some time and think about what I really wanted to do. I joined AKTU Affiliated College in Lucknow to study B. Tech in Electronics and Communication, only to come to the realization in the third year that I was more inclined towards marketing.

I finished my B.Tech degree in 2019 and straightaway went to pursue an MBA in marketing from the same university.

Upon graduating with my engineering degree, I had opted for non-technical roles during my placements and also got placed at a Market Research Company called Research Nester Pvt. Ltd. in Greater Noida, which fueled my interest in Marketing.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an influencer or a leader in any career field. People around me told me I possessed the qualities needed to lead the masses since I was a well-known debater at my school. Since I wasn't going to leave any stone unturned when I started my MBA, I made sure to take every step possible. My resolution was to upskill myself so I could lead with knowledge and secure my career.

If we want to have a successful career, we should be practical and see the market requirements of the particular job roles we aim at. Marketing being my interest, the best option in the current stage is Digital Marketing, since it is now considered to be a basic requirement in every industry.

My Experience with Board Infinity

One day I was scrolling through Facebook and discovered the courses offered by Board Infinity. I registered myself on the website and got a call from one of the counselors the next day. By providing me with valuable information, my counselor told me the pros and cons of the Digital Marketing field and also analyzed my interests.

I enrolled myself in the Digital Marketing Learning Path course in June 2021 and have been able to complete 3 modules successfully till now.

Since day one, my experience with Board Infinity has been excellent. Coaches are very knowledgeable in their subjects. The coaches at Board Infinity have one thing that I really admire: not only do they take their jobs very seriously, but also behave very responsibly around the learners. My coaches Praful and Ashwini have always been there to help whenever I had a doubt. Rather than just explaining my doubts theoretically, they always provided practical examples. Thanks to Board Infinity, I have a strong base in Digital Marketing. Till now, I have gotten hold of Social Media Marketing, WordPress, and Consumer Behaviour. With the help of the projects provided in each of these modules, I was able to better understand what I was studying in classes as well as apply what I had learned.

Since my MBA courses are on other days of the week, I spend all of my Saturdays and Sundays on Digital Marketing. I make sure I give ample time to my course at Board Infinity.

My Internship Journey

Board Infinity has also provided me an internship with Franchise Bazaar where I am interning as an SEO Content Writer. Working here has exposed me to the core of marketing which is Content and I am looking forward to applying for SEO Specialist roles once my placement drive at Board Infinity starts.

There is one piece of advice I would like to give to people who want to start or transition their career in Digital Marketing or any other career field, don’t delay in executing your plans. Career transition is very much possible if you have a passion for the career field. Turn your passion into a profession!

Connect With Me

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