From Client Servicing to Digital Marketing: My career journey

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By - Hiral Kapadia, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early Career Journey

My name is Hiral Kapadia. I was born and brought up in Mumbai.

My early career journey started with Bachelors in Mass Media with specialization in Advertising from Nagindas Khandwala College (Malad). Following which I went for my MBA degree in Marketing and Communication from Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies in 2014.

Following this, I worked as a Client Servicing Executive for 4 and a half years at an eyewear producing firm owned by my uncle and freelanced for over a year with Wedding Brigade. This was till December 2018. Uptil then, I had worked at several departments of advertising, social media, business development, etc before I decided to take a break for my marriage. I got married in February 2019, following which I had been on a career break until 2020.

Post my sabbatical, I faced a lot of struggle while thinking of restarting my career as the world had moved ahead of me. I applied for various jobs and also made it to the interviews but even after a good amount of experience, I was being offered low salary packages and designations.

When I decided to get back in the game last year, Digital Marketing seemed like the best field for me. But, since I had no experience in the field, I was not being offered the kind of roles I was looking for. Since I was married, working at odd hours wouldn’t have been feasible for me, so my options were limited.

After struggling to find Digital Marketing jobs on my own, I decided to first upskill myself in the field before applying for jobs. In my search for an ed-tech platform, I discovered Board Infinity, which was founded by two SPJIMR alumni, Abhay Gupta & Sumesh Nair. My husband was aware of the platform as he was an SPJIMR alumnus as well, which led me to readily enroll in the course without a doubt.

After going through the course offerings of Board Infinity which had 1 year of placement guarantee and an affordable fee structure, I decided to first take a micro course in Digital Marketing and then decide.

I enrolled myself in the Digital Marketing Course in March 2020.

My Journey with Board Infinity

Board Infinity was very helpful in helping me restart my career by upskilling me in Digital Marketing. Some of the coaches were very knowledgeable, and I have continued to contact them and obtain help when needed.  Board Infinity has a very supportive team. Our 1-on-1 sessions were very helpful in developing a comprehensive understanding of the projects and assignments during our course. I excelled in some of these assignments.

As well as Varneet and Twinkle, my program managers have offered excellent assistance with the course. Even now when I get stuck somewhere in my job, I always ask them to help schedule a class or approach a coach through them. Additionally, my program managers have understood my preference for finding a job while also keeping my convenience a priority. They also understood how I was looking for a job that offered flexibility in terms of time and with weekends off since I am a married woman. They brought me opportunities that suited my preferences.

Internship & Placement

My program managers connected me with Unweird Agency, where I was hired as an intern for Digital Marketing. From May to August, I worked as a Digital Marketing intern. Finally, I was hired by the same agency in a full-time position as a Junior Digital Strategist (SEO and Google ads).

It has turned out to be a dream come true for me to be able to work from home, even though this company is headquartered in Delhi. I have a very convenient job with flexible hours that allows me to spend lots of time with my family.

The digital marketing industry is booming. During the COVID era, it has grown several fold. A career in this field would be suitable for anyone who is even slightly interested in the field. Regarding my job, I find it extremely interesting to learn new things every day and work with different clients. There is never a dull moment!

Connect With Me

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