The current job market has become so competitive that employers are looking for something more than eligibility before selecting candidates for the interview. Even to make up to there, one needs to shine among the crowd through an impressive resume. Not just that, employers also admire candidates reaching to them through LinkedIn as it saves their time. Finally during interview, they look for the candidates who can sell themselves with unique selling points worth paying for. How to make these happen? Well, here are some strategies worth applying.

Resume Vetting Sessions

Recruiters take only six seconds to decide whether or not to shortlist a resume. So, you can imagine the importance of a powerful resume! However, many of us have zero to little idea on how to make that happen. Therefore, most people give a serious consideration on taking the help of career coaches to understand what it takes to make their resumes look impressive to recruiters. Career coaches advise you on ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ and even personally edit your resumes to showcase accentuating achievements leaving no room for imperfections.

LinkedIn Profile Creation

LinkedIn is a paradise for both employers and employees. Out of 500 million total subscribers, 61 million profiles belong to Senior Level Influencer’s, and 40 Million profiles belong to people owning decision making positions. More than 60% of employers search for candidates without any advertisements. Career Coaches help you in creating an enticing LinkedIn Profile which will attract ideal employers, recruiters, and prospective clients towards your profile.

Mock Interviews and Group Discussions

Landing on a top paying job is as difficult as landing on a ship amidst heavy storm with one of the biggest hurdles being interview fears. Mock interviews help overcoming interview fear that directly affects one’s performance to a great extent. A mock interview mimics a simulated environment by fortifying you with strong verbal, interpersonal and soft skills. These help you to impress even a tough panel with ease. It gives you an idea of what questions you will be asked and how you are supposed to answer them. Your coach even guides you towards developing confidence through mock group discussions to get you more comfortable with the real time pressure.

We all need that someone who can help us to plan our every career move and can offer a hand of improvement to outsmart the odds. Needless to say, a Career Coach can assist better than anyone else in this matter. They can not only help to bridge the gap between employers and you but can also make sure you come out as the most ideal candidate among the rest.

Written By — Rhea Punjabi, Board Infinity Coach

Coach Rhea is on a mission to help a million young minds live a life of confidence, self-belief and clear purpose.

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