By - Sanat Mandi, Board Infinity Alumni

My Background

I didn’t know much about digital marketing at first…

It was June 2019 and I had just graduated from my B.Com degree.

I was still thinking about doing some type of further studies which would accelerate my professional career & help me in the future. An MBA or masters was just not an option because they would be too costly.

This is when one of my friends recommended that I have a look at digital marketing.

I started doing a lot of research on digital marketing. I started looking at the topics covered, the scope of digital marketing, and so on. I started to notice that it was somewhat of a booming industry right now. I started looking deeper, things like different job roles in digital marketing, companies that are hiring and so on.

This is when I came across the content creator role. I was intrigued by it because I’ve always been a very creative person. The idea of pursuing a field that would allow me to convey my creative ideas was extremely fascinating.

During the months of August, September & October I looked into every resource that I could find on digital marketing. I started reading a bunch of e-books, watching YouTube videos, watching free webinars, etc. When I felt like I had a good enough understanding of the basics of digital marketing, I started looking for a proper paid certification course online.

Experience at Board Infinity

This is when I came across Board Infinity’s digital marketing course, through an Instagram ad. This made me curious, I started doing some research again. I looked at all of their social media profiles, their website, their customer reviews, course syllabus, and every other piece of information I could find on the internet.

I received a call from their team (where I was given complete information about the course) and even attended one of their free webinars. At this point, I was very satisfied with how professionally they managed everything so I finally decided to enrol in their Digital Marketing Learning Path.

This course was able to cut down my learning curve by a lot. The whole course was structured very well. We had about 2 classes every week & doubts were cleared by the coaches or program managers after every class.

It was nice to learn from a few different coaches since it actually felt like I was learning each topic from an expert who has specialized in that domain. The coaches were very helpful and gave us a lot of tips about the best way to grow in our digital marketing careers.

In fact, even after the course, I was building a blog of my own (as a side project) and was having a bit of difficulty doing so. The coach was kind enough to help me with each and every step of building my blog. He gave me tips on where I could buy my domain, what tools I should be using, which website builder I should be using etc.

(You can check out my blog here:

Another thing that stood out to me was my program manager. She was also very kind & did her best to answer all my calls. Even during non-working hours, she used to go out of her way to pick up my phone calls and solve my queries. It truly felt like I had someone who cared about my career growth.

Placement Process

Even during this lock-down situation, I was able to find a digital marketing internship at with the help of Board Infinity’s team.

I loved my experience at Board Infinity, looking forward to working in the industry and I’m happy to say that I was able to increase my knowledge 10x.

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