By - Kedar Joshi, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early Career

Even though I'm from a Computer Science background, I never really enjoyed programming too much.

It just wasn't my cup of tea.

I’ve done my engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in Karnataka. I had a subject called Machine Learning in the 7th semester of college. It was very different from the traditional programming that I was exposed to all these years, like Java, .NET, etc. This is the first time that I learned about the vast field known as Data Science.

Why I took Data Science?

As I started reading more and more blogs, articles, watching videos, etc. I kept getting more attracted to it. I always wanted to do something different, something new, something unorthodox... And I realised that this was my chance to do exactly that!

The thing that intrigued me most about Data Science (apart from the fact that it was such a new field) was that it wasn't just about programming or mathematics. It was a combination of everything.

As businesses get more and more data-driven these days, I thought that it would be a good idea to try learning more about this sector.

Now, this is where the actual challenge started.

I knew that I wanted to learn about Data Science & Machine Learning. But what I didn't know is how difficult it would be to try to learn it by myself. There is so much information on the internet that it can sometimes get overwhelming. (most of the times)

I took up a few free courses, but that wasn't enough. I knew that I needed to take an in-depth training course with certification to secure a job in Data Science.

At the time I lived in Kolhapur and there weren't a lot of good classes for Data Science. So my next best option was to take up an online course.

I started to look for online coaches, classes, certifications for Data Science... That's when I came across Board Infinity.

My Learning Experience

It looked like a very good institute. It also had everything that I was looking for, like Live online classes, Capstone projects, 1:1 mentoring directly from industry experts, placement assistance, career coaching, and a whole lot more.

Obviously I was a bit skeptical so I looked up the reviews that they had. I was surprised by the number of good reviews, so I immediately got in touch with them.

I was contacted by a person named Viraj from their team. I asked him so many questions on that phone call, and he couldn’t have been more helpful.

Viraj was able to answer all of my queries and that gave me further reassurance in Board Infinity.

The tipping point was when I asked him about placements because that's the main factor in any online certification course. The learning is one part of it, but I wanted to secure a good job as well.

If I was not able to get any placements then, what's the point?

Board Infinity not only gave me placement assistance, they basically gave me a guarantee that I would get placed.

That’s when I was fully convinced!

And I’m glad that I took that decision. (this was in August 2019)

Learning 1:1 from industry expert coaches gave me so much knowledge that I wouldn’t get from any other course. They know what the industry/market trends are and they teach you topics while keeping the industry best practices in mind. This method of teaching is, in my opinion, the best way to secure a job quickly.

My Job Preparation Experience

Board Infinity not only taught me the essentials of Data Science but they also prepared me for job interviews. We had a ton of mock interviews which helped me prepare for actual job interviews.

One instance that I remember is, during the mock interviews, Shrikant Sir (a Board Infinity coach) gave me a few key questions and topics and told me to study them specifically. He told me that these topics would be very important in all of the job interviews that I would give.

And he was so right!

The topics which Shrikant sir mentioned were the main focus for most of the job interviews that I gave. Most of the interviews had similar or the exact same questions that he told me about. Just this one tip from him was able to give me an edge over the other interview candidates because I had thoroughly studied these topics.

Finally, I got an offer letter from ( An Andromeda Group Company ) as a Data Analyst. (in March 2020)

Obviously, I did my due diligence of work, assignments, projects too but Board Infinity was a huge factor in securing a job in the Data Science sector. I would recommend anyone who seeks career growth to book a consultation with Board Infinity.

That’s it.

Connect with Me

That’s exactly how I managed to land a job as a Data Analyst in about 7 months.

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