By -  LaxmiNarayan, Board Infinity Alumni

In the first week of the Data Science course at Board Infinity, my laptop broke. Midway through the course, I thought I might have to drop out. Thankfully, my brother-in-law generously lent me his laptop for an entire year with the hope of me doing something great with it.. Now that my course is complete, I am beginning my career as a Senior Data Associate at Genpact. I am incredibly thankful for the faith my family has placed in me, as well as for my friends, who I believe have helped shape my career.

My Early Career Journey

I would describe myself as a below average student in school. It would be impossible for my teachers to tell whether I would pass an exam. However, math was an exception. Math was always a 10/10 for me. The day before my finals, even with my math exam coming up, I would go play.

I continued to lag behind in all my other subjects until I shared my bench with a Rank 1 in my class eleventh. I was Rank 22. My topper friend inspired me a lot. He used to tell me, "We are paying so much fees, if you don't study, you won't get a job and all of this will go to waste." This got stuck in my head and I started to take my career seriously for the first time!

My father wanted me to become a civil engineer. I shifted my focus to my studies and advanced a notch from Rank 22 to Rank 2. Rank 1 was still my friend and he deserved to be. Having successfully completed Class 12th with 88%, I enrolled in S.R. Engineering College in Warangal, where I studied B.Tech in Civil Engineering.

Finishing college in 2018, I worked for sometime as a freelancer. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused a blow to our industry and I couldn’t find any decently paying projects.  The pay was barely enough to provide for a family.

I learned about Data Science from my friend Sohail Anwar. Being a total newbie to Data Science, I was totally unfamiliar with the terms - SQL and Tableau. It was my friend who informed me of all the exciting career options in this field and I couldn’t stop myself from diving deeper.

My Experience with Board Infinity

Board Infinity taught me from the basics to advanced levels, which was a very good experience. Being a fresher, I was given enough time to adapt to the new subjects I was studying. I was helped a great deal by coaches Coach Ayushman and Coach Darsh Ingle in understanding the Data Scientist modules.

Furthermore, by practising the skills I learned in the recorded videos and assignments, I was able to further develop them. My knowledge of Data Science has been greatly enhanced by them.

Board Infinity's program managers are among the best. Having Faizan and Ananya as my program managers was a great help. I was extremely lucky to have Faizan help me with the mock interviews!

My Placement Journey

Varneet, my placement manager, helped me prepare for my Data Analyst mock interviews while I was preparing for Machine Learning. As a result of these mock interviews, I learned what kind of questions were asked and where I lacked, which eventually helped me on my placement day. I got placed at Genpact as a Senior Associate.  

The reason I want to dedicate my success to my family and friends, especially Sohail, is because they have motivated me when I was going through my lows. I had talked to Sohail before my Genpact interview and he told me “You are closer to your job!” and that made all my nervousness go away and instilled confidence in me.

We all need someone like him in our lives because if we are discouraged we may give up on our dreams but if you have true friends, they will never let you give up.

I will be forever grateful!

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