TheMathCompany is a data science consultancy that helps organizations buck age-old trends and create demonstrated value with the help of robust data and analytics transformations. It is one of the fastest growing analytics start-ups in the world, disrupting the analytics and AI industry by making enterprises analytically self-sufficient. TheMathCompany has ongoing engagements with over 30 clients from 12 industry verticals spanning across 6 countries.

Ashish Sam, Senior Partner-People & Operations at TheMathCompany shares his thoughts on the existing talent pool of India.

“I have been working at TheMathCompany for the past 1 year, prior to which I was associated with companies like Mu-Sigma, Bridgei2i and Tavant Technologies. At TheMathCompany, my role revolves around HR, Admin, IT and Operations.

With respect to the talent pool of India, our country has a large pool of young people entering the workforce on a yearly basis, meaning, talent is out there and available in plenty. There exists however, a gap in skills of graduates as well as folks in the workforce, especially due to the ever-dynamic technology industry. Up-skilling at all levels has thus become a necessity. At TheMathCompany, we have devised our own way to overcome the skill-gap. We have a dedicated learning and development cell-Co.ach, to ensure all our employees are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies. Unlike the general practice of HR teams handling the learning and development cell, we have core analytics practitioners running Co.ach with a particular focus on experiential learning, which makes learning more relevant and effective. Thus, when hiring, we focus more on core qualities than skills. For candidates with experience, we gauge the knowledge they garnered & put to use, and the attitude they showcased during their prior work experience. Some other qualities we look for in all our hires, especially entry-level, are logical & collaborative abilities, a sense of ownership, and a compatibility of values and expectations between the prospective candidates and TheMathCompany.

We have also tied up with many colleges and universities across the country, for exchanging ideas, hiring talent and possible internship opportunities.”