How is a walk-in interview different from a normal interview? It’s a type of applicant screening that takes place without an appointment or a fixed meeting. It’s a very common process of screening and inviting potential job applicants for a quick round of questions. This is done as a mass technique of recruitment in college campuses, career fairs or even in MNCs which organize it from time to time. Yes, it can be scary, no doubt because such walk-ins see a lot of turn up of applicants. Don’t panic and do calm your nerves. A little bit of preparation might really help you ace a walk-in-interview! Let’s see how.

Be Sound With Research

This holds true for all your interviews—telephonic, personal or walk-in. Being informed always is the trick to your self-confidence and knowledge boost. Make sure you research what the company does, and it’s mission and vision thoroughly. Read its website and all related news articles there have been in recent times. By being sound with the above knowledge you can answer questions like ‘What do you know about us’ or ‘Why would you like to work with us’, etc. This will surely give you an edge over candidates who don’t have a prepared approach to this.

Know Your Resume

Yes, it may sound funny but a lot of applicants forget what they have put on their resumes. Questions like ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘strengths and weaknesses’ all this needs to use the information which is already present on your resume, succinctly. Be well versed with your resume and with your details about whatever small projects or assignments you’ve mentioned about.

Organise Your Documents

You need to keep all your documents ready a day prior to the interview. Keep them all in one place, arranged chronologically for your immediate use. Maintaining them in a folder would be preferable because it looks neat. If you’re seen shuffling nervously for documents or fumbling with it, it may not go down as a very good first impression. Hence, make sure you yourself arrange your documents and not have anyone do it for you.

Keep Calm

Keep calm, an interview is coming. Your body language will speak volumes about how you’re feeling and is a huge giveaway. Don’t fumble or fidget with your things unnecessarily or show that you’re nervous. Greet everyone in the interview room and keep smiling. Don’t talk rapidly or fumble too much when asked something. Take two deep breaths and give it your best shot!