Why is public speaking a cakewalk for a few but the worst nightmare for the rest? For some, words flow freely without a stutter, with the perfect expression and intonation, and they never forget their speech. For so many others, however, the prospect of public speaking is petrifying.

Nowadays, in many, if not all professions, some amount of public speaking is necessary, whether it be to make a presentation or

pitching ideas at a conference or even just to interact with people. To create a lasting impression, it is essential that you must be a good speaker. "But, how?", you ask? There are a few steps you can take to prepare or improve your skills in public speaking:

Believe in yourself - Being self-confident is the most basic yet the most important value one must have while working on public speaking. Something that people often forget is that if

you’re the one giving the speech, you are the expert. There’s a reason you’ve been asked to speak, after all.

Interact with your audience: You don’t have to be the only one doing the talking. Your audience is not just there to listen to you, but also to know you and learn from you. Engage your audience with a few questions based on your topic of presentation. The feedback you receive from the audience will help you better understand them and their perspectives.

Practice: Needless to say, practice. Keep on practising even when you have mastered it. Take time to practise your public speaking skills in front of the mirror. Recording yourself while speaking will give you a clearer idea about areas you need to improve in.

Take the right pauses: Just because you memorized the speech, it doesn’t mean that you have to speak like a robot or sing like a rapper. It will only fail to arouse your audience's interest. Make sure you understand the context of the sentence, take the right pauses and incorporate a conversational tone.

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