Let’s face it. Tell me about yourself is the one statement question we all dread because we don’t know what the other person wants to know. While asked in an interview, you surely have a dozen nice things to say about yourself but is it what is required? The key here is, to explain your specific experiences and skills that render you as the best choice for the job position. When you’re being asked that question, it is asked with the purpose of seeing whether your skill set matches the job requirement and for judging if you’re a good fit. Let’s look at a few answers to the most commonly asked question in a job interview.

I Can Communicate Effectively
Communication skills are very crucial for any and every job, be it accounting or
marketing. Communication skills are a gift and everyone doesn’t possess it. When you communicate effectively, your messages are not mixed up or they’re perfect in terms of information and facts. You need to have numbers to back up how your communication skills helped in retaining customers etc.

I’m a Leader
Some people are born leaders. They automatically tend to take responsibility in a crowd or a group and direct and lead people. Hiring managers are often on the lookout for such natural leaders, as they feel management skills can still be taught, but leadership is a skill which is inborn. A good leader will lead the team very efficiently, and if you’re one, then why wait to mention it!

I’m Very Organised
Organizing and prioritizing things is an important habit to cultivate. Someone who is organized is very observant, detail-oriented and can manage to deliver the work on time well within the deadlines allotted. If you’re taking notes on a paper in the interview, it shows that you’re organised. You can sell examples of your efficiency by stating your strength as being very organised.

I’m a results seeker
Result-oriented candidates are always sought for because they know what they have to achieve and will do using the resources available. The candidate should be able to
handle pressure and work around with deadlines very well. If you mention you’re a
results seeker, then substantiate it with examples.

You can always take help of your friends in the office to help you with some great
adjectives. Usually, describing yourself isn’t that easy but with the help of the colleagues, you’ll be surprised how soon enough you’re able to do it. The right description will help the hiring manager see why you’re best for the role.