Although you may not be able to predict what all can be asked in an interview, you sure know about the common FAQs that are asked and for which you can prepare and give your absolute best. One of the most common questions, being ‘What are your weaknesses’, is a great chance to talk about where you’re self-aware of the lacking and where you’re trying to learn and improve yourself. This attitude will surely help you go a long way. Sure, answering it is tricky. Let’s understand how to do it!

Why Are You Asked This Question?

No human is perfect. This question is proof of it. The important attitude to have here is acknowledging the above fact, that it’s normal to have flaws. The recruiters ask you this question to check how self-aware you are and how open you are to developing and growing yourself. Giving an agreeable or a fake answer won’t cut it for you, because giving an authentic answer proves your honesty to yourself. This indicates your drive, to be honest, and the drive to work on yourself and achieve all professional goals going down the line. It’s something you need to answer but supported with ways you’ll improve on your weakness.

How To Deal With The Question "What Are Your Weaknesses?"

You should be strategically choosing your flaws. Of course, it can be related to job role you’re applying for but you need to keep in mind that you don’t end up saying something which will actually deter you from performing the job duties. For instance, if you’re applying for a sales role and you tell them you’re allergic to travelling, then it doesn’t go with the job description at all. Instead, you need to focus on a weakness that will let you deliver your job duties and doesn’t work against you.

You could also choose to opt for a skill-based flaw because it can hardly prove to be negative. You can show you have the drive to perfect that skill by taking steps to develop it by doing a course or finding some freelance work to improve it. You can align your skills to the job role you’re applying to, but make sure you say you have an idea about it. Saying you’ve never heard about it or saying you’ve never worked on it, may not rule the odds in your favor.

Choosing a character-oriented weakness is a common answer most candidates opt for. However, you should be careful as to not attract criticism for the same. You’ll need to paint a positive picture, and give a positive spin to your character flaw. For instance, you can say how over time you’ve struggled with prioritizing tasks, but you’re learning to be more efficient and you’re learning to manage time really well.

Don’t sound vague or unclear and make sure you’re answering at your sincerest best. That will show that you will develop long-lasting relationships in the workplace. And always stay optimistic, even while you may be talking about your worst weakness!

Watch this video to see how to answer this question in an actual interview.