Once again, one of the most commonly asked questions in an interview is ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?’. Maybe going out to frequent trips to tour the world? Or, having a nice bungalow by the beach side? Yes, it’s a difficult question when a lot of us are indecisive about what we want to have for dinner tonight. Why would recruiters want an answer to this question? How would you possibly have an answer to it? Let’s see.

Why do recruiters ask this?
They ask you this question for two reasons, mainly. One, they want to know if you’re
going to stick around and stay put in the organisation and the job role to be given.
Second, they want to see what you envision for yourself and whether that aligns with the company’s long term goals. A lot of people get very ambitious and say things like, ‘ I see myself seated on the other side of this table, I see myself getting many promotions’, which is not a very great thing to say. They really don’t want to hear that. Plus, there are also candidates who build pipe dreams like doing business or travelling the world, or even some who fumble with ‘hmmms’ when asked this question. That also isn’t a great way to respond.
What they really want to know is whether this current job position which they are
offering you, will you be content with it and are you in it for the long haul, in sickness or in health? They are spending money to keep you, and they want to know if you’re worth it.