An internship is very profitable for a student, in the terms that it helps in developing their skillset, understanding work culture, learning to collaborate and work in teams, and in the process gaining some invaluable work experience.

Internships are also an excellent opportunity to showcase students’ capability and calibre and convert their internship into a full-time position, says Vikram Tandon in an article by Economic Times, HR head, HSBC India. Not all companies give a PPO (Pre-placement Offer) post-internship.

What to do in that case?

Can we be proactive?

Let’s see how to ask for full-time position after your internship through email.

Connect and build a rapport

You’re an intern, yes, but everyone in your department should know you and what work you do. Go over and talk to as many colleagues as much as you can, enquire and get information on different job profiles, take interest in their job responsibilities ad ask them many questions.

Be thorough with the knowledge gain and note everything down. At the same time, this will ensure that you’re building some good connections in the company, which will be very useful later. Networking will take you places, and an internship is the best place to build one.

Give it your all

Yes, this is important. Students often tend to take internships for granted, but that should not be the case. Some of them take a while to learn and grasp their work, and time passes by. That is justified, but your reporting manager needs to know if that’s the case.

This a trial run for you, remember. The company has hired you because they think you’re a potential resource for them. You need to prove your mettle and work hard. Responsibilities that are difficult to understand and worked upon, can be clarified with your mentors; ask questions as many times as you want.

You need to show dedication, passion and a willingness to learn. All this gets noticed by your supervisor and comes in handy when you’re thinking of asking for a full-time position.

Keep improving

Improvisation on regular tasks will increase efficiency and will let you experiment with different work styles.

Another way to keep improving is to ask for feedback regularly.

Constructive feedback is very essential to let you understand where you’re falling short. Ask your supervisor for a weekly discussion on your tasks’ performance and ask about areas where you can keep improving. This brings your hard work to the supervisor’s notice.

You can also send your work for feedback to seniors in the same organization and ask them for their opinions. This way, you’ll network and you’ll gain knowledge as well.

Put in a word

As your internship is ending, make sure you’ve decided and figured out which position you want to work for, and what is the exact job role you want. It could be in a different vertical, or it could be an extension of what you were doing in your internship.

Compile all your achievements till date (keep a note of them, time and again since your supervisor won’t remember everything). Remember to thank your supervisor for their guidance and support always. Then, most importantly, put in a word expressing your desire in joining the company full-time and ask about the opportunities. Always follow up with an email, as well.


Hello Sir,

It has been a great journey overall with the organization and I am eternally grateful to you for providing me with this opportunity. I have undergone holistic development and I’ve gathered more knowledge than I ever could. I am really thankful to you for the timely guidance and support you provided me.

I would love to explore any potential opportunities with the organization for full-time roles available in (your internship role). It would be great if you could consider me worthy for the above. I hope to develop my skills further and learn more under your supervision and will be honoured if you acknowledge my request.

Hope to get in touch regarding this, really soon.

Thank you, once again!
Your Name