The most beneficial step for students to get ahead in their careers is an internship. It helps develop skill sets, learn collaboration and understand work culture. Additionally, the process ensures invaluable work experience to kick-start your career. But how to ask for a full-time position after an internship?

If you are currently interning with a company, you may be thinking, "How to ask for a job after the internship?" Here, we have listed the answers.

How To Ask For A Full-Time Position After An Internship

Let’s get started on how to ask for a full-time job after your internship period is over:

1. Be Affable

You are an intern serving your internship period, but does everyone in your company know your work expertise? Of course, the answer would be no.

Hence, talk to your co-workers, ask them, go over your strengths and weaknesses, make contacts, and ask them questions about the company and work environment. Be thorough with the knowledge you gained from your co-workers about the company.

This effort will ensure that you build some great connections in your company that will benefit you later.

2. Be Diligent

Yes, giving all is necessary while serving your internship period. Many students take internship opportunities for granted, but this should never be the situation. Internships are like trailers for you! You have to prove your potential and work hard.

The responsibilities that you have trouble understanding can be cleared with the help of your mentors. Ask as many questions as you want to ask! The main three points that show you are giving your all are:

  • Dedication
  • Passion
  • Willingness to explore and learn

Show this all, and you will be appreciated. Your manager supervises all your efforts, and that's useful when you think about how to ask for a job after an internship.

Your mentors can clarify responsibilities that are unclear to you. Ask questions, and have a reliable person clear all your doubts regarding policy, operations, human resources, and work.

3. Improve

Improving on executing daily tasks will help you increase your efficiency and allow you to experience functions with a variety of work styles.

Another way to improve is to ask for your work feedback from your superiors.

Feedbacks play a significant role in letting you understand what your weak spots are. Ask for feedback from your mentors on your task performance and ask them about your weak areas and where improvements are noted. It also brings you to your supervisor’s notice.

4. Ask For It!

Sure, asking for a full-time job is a basic strategy, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you build a friendly rapport with your colleagues, then you are in a good place. When your internship period comes to its end, make sure that you have figured out and decided the position that’s best for you and in what field.

You must have a well-prepared pitch, whether you ask in person or by email. If you are asking for a permanent job in an email, start by thanking your supervisor for this wonderful opportunity and highlighting the best work experiences.

Mention your interest in a long-term profile in the company and request for setting up a meeting to discuss full-time opportunities in person. If you are thinking of asking them in person, follow the basic email template below for your convenience. Remember to ask your supervisor to set up a time to talk about the topic.

Also, learn how to write a resume.

Full-time Job after Internship -- Email Template

Hello Sir/Madam,

It has been an incredible journey with the company, and I am entirely grateful for you giving me this fantastic opportunity to gain beneficial knowledge. I am thankful to you for giving me the support and timely guidance.

(I would like to/I am actively seeking to) explore potential opportunities in your company for a full-time job position. It would thrill me if you could please consider my expertise/skills for a full-time role in your company. I know I will learn, enjoy, and grow under your (empathetic/detailed) supervision. I will be honored if you could please consider my request.

Please let me know of a time convenient for you to set up a brief meeting to discuss the matter mentioned above.

I look forward to your response regarding a full-time job role.

Thanking you,

Warm regards,



Working as an intern with a well-known company is an excellent opportunity for students in today's competitive world. Internships are beneficial for students to gain real-life office experience. The corporate world has vast and detailed knowledge, and understanding its workings is necessary. Asking for a full-time position is the right step for you if you are interested in a specific internship role and know you can do much better.