SEO experts are much in demand now as companies and individual website owners need to keep up with the competition. Learning digital marketing online and getting an SEO certification seems to be enough, but it isn’t enough. There are some more steps to be followed to become an SEO expert. Read on to know them!

Understand the functioning of search engines

A search engine like Google has become the solution to all our problems today. One search and it renders trillions of websites in milliseconds--and so, it is no less than a modern miracle. All this happens because of crawling websites and their URLs. The matching pages and then sorted by Google’s own complex algorithms--which are based on many factors--and by the authority rankings. Once you understand how this whole process works in depth, you will start grasping SEO.

How does Google rank your website?

The ranking factors largely border on these aspects-- relevance and domain authority. Relevance is how much your website matches the search query by the user. For instance, if you are searching for ‘how to choose the best digital marketing class’, Google won’t show you furniture because that is irrelevant. But it also won’t show you digital marketing definition or job openings. It will show you blog articles because you are looking for one. Authority is basically decided on the quality of backlinks generated. A digital marketing class’ website’s link cannot come from a travel company’s website. It could come from a college university website which is more relevant.

4 pillars of SEO

These four pillars if mastered will truly help you grasp SEO ultimately. First being keyword research, it involves finding those relevant phrases and words people are more likely to search. The Google Keyword Planner helps you find the best combination of keywords keeping competition and the volume of searches in mind. Second, being On Page SEO, you need to optimise your website by adding keywords in your website content, title tags and meta descriptions, adding alt tags to images and using internal backlinks. Third, being backlinks, you need to build good quality backlinks as they improve your website rankings, boost website traffic and can also senD third-party traffic your way. Fourth being the technical aspects which involve repairing broken links, improving page-load, indexing content, etc.

Start your own website

Nothing will work better than practising SEO yourself and getting hands-on experience. It is no rocket science. Pick up a topic that you are passionate about and start writing short paragraphs on it. Buy a  domain and hosting server, create a basic website and start posting your content on it. Nowadays, a lot of online tools help you create websites without hassle. Once you have created it, you just have to practice SEO as much as you can, implementing all the knowledge gathered above.

Keep upgrading

Google changes its algorithms often. So you need to keep updating your knowledge. Once you understand the fundamentals, try and pick up a niche to specialise in. You could also learn SEO online from various latest course offerings. This Digital Marketing Learning Path by Board Infinity is a great push for all SEO beginners out there who want to become experts. You could also extensively read blogs and subscribe to SEO newsletters and updates, attend the latest workshops, listen to podcasts on SEO, etc.

These are some foolproof methods to become an SEO expert. What are you waiting for? Get started and become a master in no time!

Watch this video to get a more in-depth knowledge about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).