COVID-19 or more commonly known as Coronavirus.

The very contagious virus that has pretty much affected everyone’s daily lives. It has taken the world by a storm. The new normal is to stay indoors, maintain social distancing, work from home, etc.

Well, you know all this now, courtesy of the News channels, Whatsapp family groups, Newspapers and other forms of media.

Uncertain times lie ahead. You're stuck at home. You can't hang out with your friends. You can’t go out at all. Even the economy is out of control.

But does that mean you are powerless? Of course not!

In a way, you’ve been handed this one-in-a-million chance of utilizing this huge chunk of time.

Truth is, we don’t know how long this will last for... It could be weeks, it could be months. Nobody really knows.

So, the question is, what do you do with all this extra time?

Here are a couple ideas to get your brain churning:

  • You could start gaining more knowledge by reading, watching, listening, etc.
  • You could work on your pending personal projects, in turn, building your portfolio.
  • You could take up online courses.
  • You could see how you can help the people who are affected due to this.
  • You could do all of the above.
Basically, work on improving yourself in every aspect (skills, personality, knowledge, habits, etc)

To help you do this… We have launched Micro-Learning Courses with Certifications at just ₹10 in the wake of the situation.

Because, why shouldn’t students make great use of this time and opportunity to build up their skills?

And, at the same time do their bit for the society by donating a humble sum of ₹10. (we will also be contributing the same amount for each enrollment)

With the #LearnSafeOnline initiative, Board Infinity wants students to take advantage of this quarantine period by working towards improving their skill sets and wants to inculcate an attitude of social responsibility as well.

Our mission is to help transform careers and lives through online learning.  And we want to do everything in our power to stop the spread of Coronavirus while providing value to you!

Build a Strong Foundation in subjects like:

  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Machine Learning
  • Full Stack Development
  • Placement Preparation

All of these courses include:

  • 20+ Hours of Learning in the form of Live Classes
  • Get Certified in the field of your choice
  • Get Mentored By Coaches from Google, Dell, Paypal, etc.
  • ₹10 donation towards a noble cause
  • Acquire new skills from the comfort of your home

Whether you're a working professional or a university student... These courses are for anyone who wants to acquire new skills & grow in their career while supporting a cause.

In the recent turn of events, the pandemic has been spreading at large. It is in our hands to decide how we tackle this situation.

Refer to the WHO guidelines to take the necessary precautions on how to stay safe, keep washing hands and keep yourself sanitised.

The remaining time can be spent getting yourself a noteworthy certification, acquiring knowledge, working on side projects, building new skills and spending time with your family.

Stay safe and #LearnSafeOnline!