Capgemini is an information technology company that has its roots in France and branches in various countries across the globe. Founded on 1st October 1967, this multinational company is among the top choices of every data analysis enthusiast. This article gives you a deep insight into how to crack the Capgemini data analyst interview.

Do the Homework: Research about the Employer Beforehand

Having prior knowledge of the company’s missions and visions can earn you an extra advantage in the interview process. You can stand out from other candidates by sharping up the skills that are valuable for the company.

  • You can research the parameters like how the company works, who are their clients, and what services they provide. This much groundwork can help you to become a suitable candidate.
  • You will feel confident about being the right fit for the company and this highly increases the chances for your selection.
  • You will be able to draft relevant questions about the company which will help you to make the right impression in the last few minutes of the interview.

Prepare Yourself: Read Interview Experience Articles

Reading articles and blogs based on interview experiences will definitely give you an upper hand. It is not necessary to read blogs related only to Capgemini. You can read the interview sessions of other companies as well.

  • You can find various blogs and articles related to the interview experiences of a data analyst.
  • Read them thoroughly, pick the key points, and note them somewhere. Think over them and ask yourself that what would be your answer for that.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and give mock interviews. You can even try this exercise with one of your family members or your friends.

Technical Skills Tested in the Capgemini Data Analyst Interview

The technical phase of interviews can make everyone anxious, even if you have excellent technical skills. Knowing the right set of skills is what makes you ace your interview. The following are the set of technical skills that you need to work on before going for the Capgemini Data Analyst role.

  • You should have a good grip on your Python-statistical programming knowledge.
  • Basic ML Algorithms are required to solve problems of advanced analytics and they are given higher preference while asking questions to the candidates.
  • Probability and SQL are the most important skills that judge your ability to find accurate results and how efficiently you can handle data.

Prepare The Most Asked Common Questions

Before going into the actual interview, prepare the most common questions asked by the company for the post of a data analyst. There are various sources where you can get the archive of previously asked questions.

  • Go through as many questions as possible and try to come up with your answers.
  • Do not mug up anything, just read the questions carefully and try to figure out why this question could have been asked. This could give a clearer picture.
  • Take help from your family and friends and conduct at least 3-4 mock interviews containing questions from that archive.

Know the Emerging Tools to Visualize Data

Just reading the interview questions and experiences would not get you selected Capgemini. The company does not compromise on technical skills at all. They look for highly strong concepts of at least one of the visualization tools.

  • Having a thorough knowledge of popular visualization tools of the industry like Tableau and Power BI could do the work for you.
  • You should have hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of the platform.
  • A good data analyst must be updated with the trend. For example, you are good with X technology, but the company is demanding Y technology. So you should be able to instantly switch to the Y technology.

Bottom Line

An interview is the most crucial phase of any hiring process. Even if you have managed to clear all the prior rounds, the interview screening is still the one that will decide your future with the company. Cracking an interview is not difficult if you know the right approach. Capgemini is one of the most prestigious organizations leading in business consultation and tech services. This article makes you interview ready to be a Data Analyst at Capgemini.