Every startup no matter the domain needs a website where they can showcase their business. This marks a web developer at startups as inevitable. And among web developers, a full stack developer is like a unicorn in the field of horses.

Being it designing the UI of the website, making it responsive just like a front-end developer, or creating the APIs and managing the databases as a back-end developer, a full stack developer has so many responsibilities right under his nose but as we all know, with duties comes rewards.

This article will walk you through the depths of how one can crack interviews at startups as a full-stack developer.

Know Your Skills

Having a stronghold on perfect skills is what makes you a top contender at interviews. Full-stack development is quite vast and no one can have the knowledge of all the databases or all the frameworks. But you should have the most trending technologies in your pocket because every startup wants to be at the top when it comes to technology.

Along with having a good knowledge of trending skills, you must also be aware of the other technologies of the same domain out there. Most of the interviewers want a person who is well aware of the pros and cons of every trending technology. Even if your skill set slightly differs from the company’s needs, you must be thorough enough with your decisions that you can convince them.

Understand Before You Answer

In a startup interview, it would be highly possible that you would be interviewed with a complete panel of experienced people. All of them would be qualified in one or more areas of expertise. So, you should always understand the question first you’re being asked to. Ask all aspects to get cleared with the question, and then start answering.

Jumping right to answering the question is the most common mistake that many candidates make in their interviews. So, make sure you’re not one of those. Apart from the technical questions, you could also be asked some tricky hypothetical questions about teamwork, stress management, and decision-making. Practice all kinds of possible questions to get yourself a little head start over other candidates.

Have some good projects in your pocket

Startups don’t really look for more degrees or higher qualifications. What they actually look for in a candidate are the skills. And the only way to show them your skills is to have some really good projects. However, having done some projects is not enough. It would be beneficial to have some of your projects live that could be shown to the interviewer at the time of the interview.

You should be well versed with all the tools and technologies that you’ve used in your project. And be ready for any kind of follow-up question and a long discussion around it. You could also be asked questions such as the most challenging difficulties you faced while working on the project, how you overcame them, what was the inspiration behind the project, and other questions like that.

Ask Questions About Their Business

An interview is always a two-way process. It’s not just about answering the questions of the interviewer, you have to convince them that you are the right fit for their company. You have to make them believe that by being a part of their startup, you can help to grow bigger and better.

After answering the questions of the interviewer, it’s your turn to ask around some questions about the company. Ask questions like the team size, their goals, future plans as a startup, other stuff that can help both you and the company to understand each other well. Also, it will reflect your interest in their business.

Bottom Line

Cracking the interview for a full-stack developer at startups is not sweating if you go with the right approach. If you have the right skills then no one can stop you from achieving anything. Believe in yourself and do your homework properly and you will find yourself on the other side of the table.