For a budding field like Data Science, there are one too many interested in it. But without knowing how to go ahead, many drop out or change their aspirations.

All this can be solved by the right guidance at the right time, in the form of data science coaches & mentors.

Data science coaches or mentors can actually help turn yourself from a data-science enthusiast to a data science professional. With the ever-evolving nature of the field, it is no more enough to do all things by yourself--get a degree, do a project, get skilled, etc.

Organisations are now looking for more than just basic skills. Looking for a data science mentor is of utmost importance.

But how to find them?

Let’s see.

Online Learning Courses

Many online learning courses offer the necessary guidance needed for a candidate to understand the subject in detail. But certain training programs have taken this up a notch higher, like Board Infinity’s Data Science Learning Path.

This hybrid learning path not only ensures you learn all the latest technologies like SQL and Python but also provides personalised coaching with attention to every candidate.

Moreover, these data science mentors are experts from the industry and come with tons of real-time industry experience. This type of mentorship is needed to excel and realise your career dreams.

Social Network

Well, you always have LinkedIn to fall back on when you want to expand your professional connections. It is the perfect platform to get started with your search for the right data science coach. It will make the entire learning process very easy, and moreover talking to people who are actually data scientists will give a clearer picture of the reality.

Some popular data science influencers to follow could be Randy Lao, Kate Strachnyi, Kyle Mckiou, etc.

Apart from that, you can join forums and groups wherein you have a chance of meeting fellow data scientists or like-minded people. You can share your thoughts, your struggles and get your doubts cleared. Remember that you’re not alone, everyday someone new is trying to become a Data Science professional.

College Alumni

Get in touch with your college seniors and find out if any of them is a data science professional. The probability is high that a few of them would have opted for data science due to the high demand and lucrative pay.

Ask them your queries and ask them if they could be your data science coach for some time till they impart the industry knowledge to you.

This same strategy could also work on LinkedIn if you started approaching people you know, and eventually end up connecting with people who are in this field.

Cast as large a net as possible among the people you can---family friends, school alumni and more. Ensure you are engaging in an authentic and helpful way with them both online and in person.

The presence of a data science coach is important for many reasons.

A good data science coach will take you under his wing, help you stay motivated and help you discover the right career path. They will provide you with solid advice, and help you connect with various stakeholders. They will also cheer you up from time to time and expose you to new and exciting opportunities. All this is important for a data science professional to excel at his job.

Now, if you’re having trouble finding a coach then I would recommend checking out Board Infinity’s Learning Paths

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Suppose you’re someone who wants to learn Data science but doesn’t know where to start, we have multiple Data science mentors who have 10+ years of industry experience. Board Infinity is definitely the best place to learn Data Science.

Not just data science, we have this for multiple different industries.

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What are you waiting for?

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